Coupons 101: Coupon organization

Posted by on Apr 21, 2010

Coupon organization is a hard topic for me. I am far from an expert. I have yet to find an organization method that is the perfect fit for me and my lifestyle. Hopefully you can find what works for you. Here are a few ideas.

When I first started couponing I had one little envelope that I kept in my purse. We got the Sunday paper, I would cut out the coupons I thought I would use, stick them in my envelope and recycle the rest.
Then I had one small accordion file for my purse that had neat categories to help me find my coupons. I still only cut out certain coupons and recycled the rest.

I then got a little more serious. I bought a second accordion file for my purse. One was for food and the other non food. I still only cut out the coupons I thought I would use, but I also started saving my inserts from the Sunday paper. I labeled them with the date and filed them in a larger accordion file that I keep in my office.
And now my coupons are taking over! Okay, not really. But I do have a lot. My method now is a binder with baseball card size sleeves and separators to organize them. This way I can pick a category, flip to that page and see if any coupons apply. I still date and file my inserts. However I now get two newspapers on Sunday. And my Mom and neighbor often give me their inserts as well. I cut out all the coupons of things I normally buy as well as any high value coupons that could help me get something for free or really close to it. The binder does not fit well in my purse so I’m still struggling with lugging it through the store with me.
I usually just plan my shopping trip ahead of time so I can pull out all the coupons I plan on using. I then keep my binder in my car so I can run out to grab it if I find a great deal, but need a coupon I didn’t plan for. However, with a baby and a toddler I have no idea how I could actually run to my car without it being a huge ordeal. Which explains why I still haven’t found the perfect way to organize my coupons.
There are a ton of different way to organize coupons. These are just the ones I have used on my journey from beginner to pro. Or maybe semi-pro?
We would love to hear what organization method you use. Leave a comment or shoot us an email letting us know the best method for you.


  1. Chelsee Joy says:

    I went through the same steps you did; acordian files now a huge binder. I found a briefcase/purse at target and I love it! It has to pockets right in front so I can just throw my wallet in one and coupons to take to the register. I also love that it fits perfectly in the front of the shopping cart 😉 I am probably the extreme but if I don't have everything in one place and easy to use I won't do it. Thanks for all u do . Love the site