Price Matching WinCo Coupons at Walmart?

Posted by on Nov 23, 2010
Did you use your Free WinCo coupons yet? We’ve heard from several readers that they were able price match them at Walmart without any problems. But we’ve also heard from some that said they weren’t as lucky. 
Let us know if you’ve tried to price match at Walmart, if it worked for you or not, and which Walmart you tried at.


  1. Walmart in Lindon honored Wincos free coupons and we didn't even have the coupons with us. The only thing we were questioned on was the cereal and the cashier checked the coupons and found that we were right about it being free. Walmart in Lindon is GREAT!! 🙂

  2. I wish people would realize the difference between WinCo and WalMart. WinCo is employee owned and the employees retirement benefits from their sales. Walmart is owned by stockholders and very little is returned to the employees. WinCo is regional, which means all the money stays in our region. WalMart is international and the money spent here goes to Arkansas and beyond. WinCo has great benefits for its employees and we've all heard how bad WalMart is to it's employees. With all these things, if you can get an item at either WinCo or WalMart for the same price, why would you select WalMart??