Posted by on Apr 19, 2011


  1. Linda J Solomon says:

    Jacki hello,

    I’m getting pretty fed up with most of the sites offering coupons. What really bothers me, is that oftentimes when one gets to the last or last two pages, the best coupons or coupons that I would want to print are there; but they’re marked “print limit reached.” I don’t use all products that these sites offer coupons for and try to eat healthy. Living with MS and a small amount for food each month, I like to be able to use coupons to aid me in getting the most from the small amount of money I have to spend on food. These stupid sites that have the print limit reached across the coupons are not fair. I most times go to the last page first, but it doesn’t matter….that line is already across the coupon. I have to somehow find other sources, but the convenient ones aren’t working for me. This isn’t right, that they offer coupons then don’t allow people to print them.

    Thanks for your time and if you have any suggestions please let me know. I’ve used coupons for years, but this situation is ridiculous.

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