Ask the Mamas: Where are your Favorite Places to Find Coupons?

Posted by on Feb 3, 2012
I think the number one question I get asked by family and friends when talking about grocery shopping is “where are your favorite places to find coupons?”. Here are my top ten places to get coupons.

1. Sunday Newspaper
My absolute number one way to get coupons is the newspaper. This might be an obvious answer, but I know it’s sometimes overlooked. I recommend getting one newspaper subscription per person in your family. This will help you stock up when prices are low for the items your family will use. Check out all the newspaper deals available now.

2. Printable Coupons
The second best place for coupons is online. We try to tell you about the best coupons out there, but we can’t do it all. The top three places to look for a great printable coupon are:

3. Magazines
Before using coupons I never noticed them in my magazines. And now I notice them all the time. There are tons of coupons in magazines! All You is by far my favorite, but there are coupons in almost every magazine I subscribe to. Keep your eyes out while you are reading articles and then remember to cut them out.

4. Mobile coupons
Give a store your cell number and they will text you coupons. Lots of stores do this and it’s a great way to save on ink and space. A few to start with:

5. eCoupons
There are some great sites out there that will let you load eCoupons onto your store loyalty card. Smith’s/Kroger is the only option in Utah. These are manufacturer coupons so you can’t stack them with a paper coupon, but they often make for some great deals. Checkout these sites to get started today.

6. Store Website
Some stores have coupons right on their website! Pay attention to what the coupon says when you print it. Some are store coupons and some manufacturer. I love getting store coupons since they stack so wonderfully with manufacturer coupons for cheap and free stuff! My faves are:

7. In Stores
You would be amazed how many coupons you will find in the store while shopping if you just look around. If there is a coupon for something at the store I grab one or two. Even if it isn’t something I’m buying that day it could help me get a great deal in the future when that item is on sale.

8. Samples
You know all the awesome free samples we post about? The majority of the time you will get a coupon along with your free sample in the mail. Pull it out and save it for a sale.

9. On or With Your Receipt
We have talked about catalinas a fair amount on our site. (If you are not familiar with them they are coupons that print at the cash register and you get with your receipt.) These are often good coupons. Sometimes for just a dollar amount off your next purchase! Make sure to check it out before you throw it away. There are also coupons on the back or bottom of many receipts. It only takes a second to glance at your receipt and it could save you lots of money.

10. Facebook
It’s not just for friends anymore. Like your favorite brands on facebook and watch for coupons being offered. We try to post the best ones, but we hear about some of our best coupons from our readers who just happen to see them in their newsfeed.

These are my top ten ways to find coupons, but I’m sure there are more out there. What is your favorite way to find coupons?