Key Ways to Save Money While Shopping Online

Posted by on Sep 29, 2014

Key Ways to Save Online Shopping

Author: Victoria Candland

Online shopping can be very tricky. Much of the time you find yourself spending way too much by accident and then the feelings of guilt ensue. In order to avoid breaking the bank, here are a few tips to help save your cash while perusing and purchasing from online stores.

Make a List and Stick to a Budget: Make a list of what you’re going to buy even before you get on your computer. This way you don’t catch yourself needlessly buying a 15th pair of flip flops or a second polka-dot umbrella even though you live in Arizona. It’s easy to get caught up in the sales and the ease of online shopping, but you must be disciplined and diligent. Stick to a strict budget.

Research Customer Reviews: It’s hard to find the right product when you can’t actually see it before you order. It might look classy and pretty in pictures, but could actually be junky and tacky when it’s delivered to you. Make sure to delve into what other people are saying about the product before you add that new camera or blender to your shopping cart. There are normally reviews on the site where the product is listed, but look at other sites for a second opinion as well.

See If Free Shipping Is Provided: Many online website merchants will provide free shipping if you pay over a certain amount. Consider purchasing one or two extra inexpensive items that you know you will use later to take you to the price needed to get free shipping. Even still, make sure to stick to your budget. Sometimes you can also get free shipping if you are a member of the site, meaning you have a profile. You might want to consider creating a profile if you frequent the website.

Use Promotional Codes and Coupons: A quick search of the web can get you several coupons and codes—you just need to invest the time into finding them. These coupons and codes are an easy way to significantly reduce the price tag of your order when you checkout. Unfortunately, many of the offers provided on coupon sites are just ads for sales and specials that lead you to another website rather than provide you with a code. You may need to do a little sifting through Google search to find real codes or coupons. If a retailer gives the option of entering a promo code when checking out, then it’s likely there are codes and coupons out there for the product.

Search Multiple Sites for the Same Product: Just like you need to do research for the promotional codes and coupons, you need to do research to find the best deal on your items. There are many deal sites that provide the lowest prices on top-brand merchandise like Nike or Tommy Hilfiger—make sure to compare several of these sites before buying your desired product.

Watch for Seasonal Sales and Clearance Bargains: You can plan purchases months in advance for big holidays like Christmas and birthdays. Add the items to your shopping cart months in advance to get the better price, but then wait to purchase—don’t click the “checkout” button yet. Check on the shopping cart each week and see if your saved items have gone down in price. Then buy the items that have gone down in price and enjoy saving money each week!

Get a Cash-back Credit Card: Many money-conscience people avoid credit cards like the plague. But if you pay back the money in full every month then you don’t have to make interest payments. Then you just reap the rewards of earning cash back every time you spend. If you’re on the fence about signing up for a credit card, remember that there is protection that comes with shopping with a credit card rather than a debit card. If something goes wrong with your purchase, a credit company is oftentimes more than happy to help you sort it out. When making the credit card decision, just make sure you do your research before choosing.

Online shopping can be a cost-effective, fun experience if done the right way—with thought, preparation, and research. Using these tips, you can become an expert on finding the best deals the web has to offer.


Victoria Candland loves finding ways to save and sharing them with others. She also loves to shop, but always with a budget in mind. She uses her professional writing skills and saving expertise to write content for Treasury Vault.