You Are What You Like App

Posted by on Jan 26, 2015

You are what you like app

Have you heard of the You Are What You Like App?

There are no quizzes to take or questions to answer. You just connect your FB account and the app looks at your Facebook likes to determine different personality traits. I really like that it’s super fast and you can checkout your results. It even shows you which of your friends likely fit in to different categories as well. Plus, you can click on each category to get even more information.

When I click on conservative and traditional it tells me: This trait refers to the extent to which you prefer convention versus novelty. Based on what you like, you are moderate and cautious, therefore you prefer traditional views and values. What you like best is to be conventional in style and conservative in principles and actions.

You can look at all of your results (you can see part of mine below) and then share them on your Facebook wall. So find out your personality traits based on your Facebook likes now! I would love to hear some of your results in the comments!


This personality profile is estimated by Cambridge University, a trustworthy scientific, world wide known institution. Many people try the app just out of curiosity or for fun. This app provides a free, easy to use, scientific personality test.

Get your friends involved too! YouAreWhatYouLike also estimates your Facebook friends’ personality profile and helps you to discover your personality twins and opposites. You can even share results on their wall.

This is all about having fun, being curious and open to learning more about yourself! It’s amazing how Facebook likes can be informative of our behavior and even our personality, it could be a little scary, but nowadays it’s a very discussed topic on the web!


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  1. This is neat. I take a ton of those fun quizzes on Facebook all of the time but this one seems a little more serious. I can’t wait to take it and see my results.

  2. This was very interesting! Thanks for posting this!