6 Ways to Make Your House Smell Clean

Posted by on Apr 6, 2015

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Acorn. All opinions are 100% my own.

It is one of our five senses. When this particular sense is used, it can immediately immerse us in a memory and make us feel happy or sad in seconds. In a lot of ways it aids our other four senses. The sense of smell.

Not only do I want my home to smell nice and elicit great feelings, I want my home to be inviting. That involves getting a handle on the clutter (more about this in a later post) as well as switching things up! And not just decorations, but scents as well. I adore pine and cinnamon scents during the Christmas season. Citrus and flowers are my scents of preference as the weather warms up. I can envision gorgeous flowers & blossoms blooming in the yard and juicy fruit dripping down my face. Nothing is better than smelling something that brings you back to one of your favorite memories!

  1. Clean it up! Obviously if your house isn’t clean then the only smell will be a yucky one. Sometimes this just involves taking out the trash and making sure your sink isn’t full of dirty dishes.
  2. Bake something yummy. There is nothing better than walking into a house that smells of freshly baked bread or cookies. This is a very simple and easy way to fill your home with deliciousness.
  3. Open the windows. If it’s nice outside, open your windows and let the fresh air permeate the house. This is my very favorite thing to do in the Spring after my house has been closed up tight all winter long.
  4. Visit the air care aisle. Doesn’t get much easier than this. Grab a plug-in or candle with a scent you enjoy and light it or plug it in. Place your candles or plug-ins in strategic locations and your room will be filled with your scent of choice in minutes. This is especially helpful if you have something you’d like to mask. A plug-in is a MUST at my house next to the diaper pail.
  5. Freshen the carpet. Not only is vacuuming the carpet super helpful, it’s great to sprinkle carpet deodorizer on the rug before you do. Once you finish vacuuming your home will be filled with a light, refreshing, scent.
  6. Use complementary scents. I like to use more than one scent in my home, but I want them to mesh well together. Around Thanksgiving one of my favorite combinations is a cinnamon candle in the kitchen and and apple plug-in in my living room. As you walk from one room to the next it smells like fresh baked apple pie. You can also combine Lemon & berry, Vanilla & a floral scent, Fresh linen & citrus or floral, and Ocean & citrus or floral for even more amazing smells.


Spring is in the air and you only need to follow your nose to the air care aisle to find the clean and fresh scents to fill your home. We see spring in the air everywhere outside. Now at my house (and yours), we can smell it too! Nothing is better than walking into my home and taking a deep breath in.

What is one of YOUR favorite scents?


  1. Such great ideas!

  2. I never really thought about using two complimentary scents but I will for sure now! I’m thinking I need to try lemon and berry, that sounds amazing! Thanks for the tips!

  3. Cindy Robinson says:

    This post has been an interesting read. I never thought about putting deodorizer on the carpet before vacuuming. That is a great idea! I also never thought about using complimentary scents. Usually I just gravitate towards whatever smells I like, but this definitely makes you think more about what would be a pleasing scent to others.

  4. Its a great idea.its best for working ladies as well 🙂

  5. A fresh carpet and open windows really make such a huge difference. You are so right. I like to use my essential oils in my home as well as candles to freshen the room. Love your ideas.

  6. With a toddler it can be so hard to keep up with cleaning, let alone freshening. To be honest though, great smells can inspire me to get moving! I really love floral scents like Jasmine and Hibiscus.

  7. Thanks, those are great ideas. I also like to use complementary scents as the mix gives a more natural, richer scent. I like rose and jasmine; vanilla and mint; lime and basil (and mint) to name a few. Of course fresh air is the best scent!

  8. Get tips! I have a house full of dogs so I’ll definitely be using some of these! Thanks!

  9. What great ideas! I love the smell of a clean house but with a husband, two little girls, and a puppy – it is rare. These are awesome tricks I will have to try. 🙂

  10. I love this! I love baking, cooking in the crockpot and even brewing a fresh pot of coffee and having the whole house smell wonderful! Your tips were spot on! thanks!!!

  11. I LOVE a great smelling house! I use a few of these tips already. I love the idea of baking something yummy. Although, that would make me so hungry hehee. Thanks for sharing!