Chuck E. Cheese’s Secret Agent- Do you accept the mission?

Posted by on May 5, 2015

Most of us know that Chuck E. Cheese’s is the place where a kid can be a kid- but did you know that right now, you can also be a Secret Agent? Chuck E. Cheese is giving every kid (ok even the adults!) a chance to be a secret agent in store if they choose to accept the mission! What do you say? Will you help?

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It’s super fun and Chuck E. Cheese will give you everything you need to make a fun outing as a family to Chuck E. Cheese’s even MORE exciting! Just head to Chuck E. Cheese’s and buy a value meal which contains pizza and drinks.  Then, right now you will also receive a printed game piece and a pair of decoder glasses- included for free!  Be sure and look for coupons for Chuck E Cheese’s that you can find online, or in newspapers! Bonus!

unnamed (84)So. Your mission? Use your pair of decoder glasses to decipher a secret code, which will unlock awesome prizes! Each game piece you receive will have a prize that only your glasses will show. You can redeem the prize right at the prize counter. Easy peasy! The glasses can also be used to decipher games and images throughout the store. We used or glasses to find four different clues throughout the store which answered a riddle and we were able to redeem for awesome prizes! But stay sharp! Some of the hidden clues were right in front of us and we must have passed them half a dozen times before we saw them.unnamed (81)As you can see- the decoder glasses are not only for kids, but adults as well. My husband got in on the fun too and wanted to help find the clues hidden throughout the place. We had a BLAST!

unnamed (77)But the fun does not stop there- no way! Play Secret Agent with your decoder glasses at home too! Parents and kids can follow Chuck E. Cheese’s on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to play along with weekly “mini-games” for even more changes to decode mystery words online! Parents can also show off the skills of their Secret Agent’s by submitting photos on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hastag #SecretDecoder and tagging @chuckecheese

unnamed (75)Chuck E. Cheese was SUPER excited to have us there to help be one of the Secret Agents and find he even helped us find the clues! When YOU see Chuck E. Cheese– be sure and tell him we said HI!


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