Host a 40 is the New 20 Party on a Budget – Including a DIY Photo Booth!

Posted by on Feb 25, 2016


Recently (Okay, it’s been almost a year now) my friend Charity turned 40. So of course we had to celebrate! I started to plan a birthday party for her with her husband, but really, he’s just not the party planning type. So when Charity got wind of it she was completely on board to party it up on the cheap! Seriously, this girl should start her own party planning business. She is THAT amazing. We had so much fun creating labels and such as well as decorating. So here is what we came up with and what you can do to have your own party!

40 is the new 20 party

It seems like the photo booth is the new party must have. Which means it was included here as well! The first thing we did for our DIY photo booth was printed a few thought bubbles and laminated them with my Scotch Thermal Laminator from Amazon. Then we set those out with dry erase markers and baby wipes so they could be used over and over again throughout the night.


You can see from the pic below that we just used a dollar store tablecloth for the background for our photo booth. So simple and crazy cheap! You can also see the thought bubbles, markers, and wet wipes on the table.

photo booth

Then we put a poster board together with directions for our DIY photo booth. This way we didn’t have to keep telling everyone how to do it and it added to the decor. Plus, we added an Instagram hashtag so we could post pics online and all the party guests could see them!prop sign

For our photo booth props Charity and I just raided our kid toys and dress ups. Zero money out of pocket. If you don’t have dress ups from your kids you can borrow from friends or just hit the dollar store. You know you can find tons of fun stuff there.


I also got onto PicMonkey and made some adorable signs for different things for decorations. We did Forty Rocks! and added Pop Rocks we got from Amazon for party favors.forty rocks

Along with the Pop Rocks I grabbed a bag of Dums Dums and used those as a center piece on one of the tables. Then added the Suck It, Forty! sign to cuten it up. (That IS a word by the way.) I made sure to let all of the kids attending snag one so there wouldn’t be too many left over.

suck it 40

Along with the other party favors I also did water bottles to match the overall theme. They said Fun, Fierce, Fabulous…Forty! And when I had them printed I went to OfficeMax and did them on sticker paper. This made it so ridiculously easy to just peel and stick.



We had a TON of fun! We also had other drinks, snacks, music, adorable forty sayings all over the room, and also more decorations that matched the overall theme. It was amazing! And we spent very little money to make it rock! Which means there is no reason you need to spend hundreds of dollars to make your party rock, at any age!