Hold Your Little Ones a Little Tighter

Posted by on Jul 26, 2016



Sometimes, out of the blue, the loss will hit me. I will remember the little kicks I felt in my belly and pain when I never got to see his smile. So, today, hold your little ones a little tighter. You never know when it will be that last day you get to.


Today I held my children just a little tighter;

I squeezed precious little bodies just a little longer.

Today I ignored the bad behavior; the fighting and the whining.

And I focused on the amazingness that my children exude.

Today I remembered those horrible feelings of loss and pain from years ago;

And my heart hurt for others who are experiencing a similar pain anew.

Today I tried hard to ignore all the things that are wrong in my world;

And to focus on all the wonderful things that are right.

Today I watched my children play & sing & dance.

And in doing so, my heart felt just a little lighter.

Today, hold your little ones just a little longer, relish in their scent, their smile, their everything.

Because you never know if tomorrow they will be taken.