Top Five Things Couponing is NOT: First Two

Posted by on Jul 7, 2016

5 things couponing is NOT

Here are my tips of the week as featured on Good4Utah today. Today I went over the top two things couponing is not. Make sure to tune in next Thursday for the other three! And check back here every day for all the other great deals you can score.

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There are so many myths out there about couponing. Hopefully this helps put some of those to rest. So here are my top five things couponing is not.

  1. Couponing does NOT cost a lot to get started! I get asked all the time how much money is needed to get started. The answer is a huge NONE! You can get started with zero out of pocket. Or, if you are ready to jump in with both feet you can subscribe to the newspaper. Which is crazy cheap right now.
    1. You can get the Deseret News and/or Salt Lake Tribune (Sunday only subscription) for an amazing price! How amazing? Right now it’s only $20 per year! That’s only 38¢ per issue!! If you’d like to subscribe just click this newspaper order form and fill out the info. It’s as easy as that.
  2. It does NOT need to be extreme couponing! This is not doomsday prep people. Buy what your family will use for three or four months and call it good. There is no need to stock up for the zombie apocalypse.


  1. Sky Seery says:

    Our local newspaper doesn’t offer the weekly coupons – I really wish they did!

  2. Karen D says:

    Good to remind folks that coupons don’t require the intensity pictured on television!