Save Big on Eating Out With Groupon!

Posted by on Aug 10, 2016


This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

They say a penny saved is a penny earned. Well, I for one am ALL about saving pennies any way that I possibly can! It makes me feel good to not only pay less for things but I am able to teach my kids that they too can save money if they are willing to look for the ways! One way that I have found some SWEET deals is on Groupon!

My family likes to eat out…but hello? Have you really taken a look at your bill when the server brings it over? I think they bring the mints at the same time as the check just to sweeten you up…knowing that when you see the amount due, you won’t have a fit right then and there and demand to wash dishes in lieu of paying…whew. Sorry. Does that just happen to me?

Groupon is the way I have found to keep that amount due at a MUCH better number, one that I can handle and eat my mint with pleasure. One of our favorites is the Lanikai Grill Hawaiian BBQ. I just picked up a Groupon for a buy one get one free meal- my kids LOVE the “candy chicken” and it’s SUCH a great thing to be able to have options other than whatever night on the days I don’t feel like cooking!

Groupon makes it easy to search for the things YOU want to save on. Are you foodies like our family? Are you looking for a pampering present? Looking for a deal from Groupon Goods? Maybe some automotive needs have come up? Whatever it is, Groupon is the place to look.  I have had the best experience with them and they are my “go to” when I am looking to save some pennies!

You can also like Groupon on Facebook and follow Groupon on Twitter so you will know about any extra deals going on. Yes, they really do happen!

Give Groupon a try, you will NOT be disappointed…and your pocketbook will thank you!