Happiness is Like Peanut Butter, You Can’t Spread it Around Without Getting a Little on Yourself

Posted by on Oct 17, 2016

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In my life, there is not much better for lunch than a well-made Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich. I am definitely a bread person, homemade jam for me is the ultimate and I am partial to the creamy pb, but am certainly not picky. Something about it just calls me back to my childhood and makes me visit a time where I was pretty much endlessly happy. Much like my sandwich making, I was not exactly careful, but carefree as anyone. Spreading that peanut buttery goodness on my bread and getting it everywhere was half the fun. Being able to “clean” it up with one swipe of your tongue. Ahhh. That was the other half!

Those were the good ol’ days. With rarely a care in my young world, I was able to be content in just about any situation and somehow know that everything would work out- which attitude was usually contagious amongst my siblings. Have you ever noticed your kids when they are happy? (Whether eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or not?) The happiness is contagious. One sibling cannot help but smile with another sibling is giggling and soon after, all your kids are laughing, carefree and loving life. It made absolute sense to me then, when I was sent this quote.

Happiness is like peanut butter, you can’t spread it around without getting a little on yourself.

It got me to thinking of how many people I come into contact with on a daily basis and how many of them I am spreading happiness to. Why should I not want to make someone else happy- especially if I am happy myself? Truth be told, it’s hard not to. When you are having a good day, it’s our human nature to let others know about it. Even when we need to make a conscious effort to spread some Peanut Butter the outcome is worth it. You get some of it on yourself, true…But you also get some on others. And just like the happiness was spread when you were a kid- it tends to be contagious. I decided to test my theory over a few weeks period and this is what happened.

I work in a very busy Hospital. My morning routine consists of getting ice water from the break room which is a small walk from my particular department. When I opened the door from my office, I almost ran into someone who was pushing a rather full cart of operating equipment down the hall. As she said excuse me, and asked if I wanted to go ahead of her, I smiled and mentioned that we were more than likely headed to the same place. As I looked at her FULL load, it led to me saying- “That looks heavy. You push, I’ll pull” We walked down the remainder of the hallway chatting about our positions and what our day looked like. When we parted ways, she was smiling and thanked me again; wishing me a great day. I could not help but BET that the patients she came into contact with will be getting a bit more positivity from her, following our encounter rather than if I would have simply walked on as she pushed the heavy cart behind me. It’s all about the Peanut Butter.

I called someone on the phone at work and we ended up talking for almost 40 minutes. Some, of course, was work related, but she was new to the state and she shared with me her personal observations about living in the particular state that we do (Utah). More specifically, how different it was from what she is used to- her case in point? The drivers. She is from the South and is so used to a much more slowed pace of highway etiquette – meaning letting people in when they need to merge, looking them in the eye and a nice wave as they drive on. She was appalled at the lack of courtesy the drivers in the state she now lived in were showing. She let me know how THRILLED she was when a younger driver had let her in the other day and even gave her a quick wave and a smile. She talked about how it made her DAY. A simple merge made the rest of the day just a little sweeter. Peanut Butter with a little bit of jelly.

Now aside from the fact that I know you are sitting there salivating at the idea of having a pb and j yourself, think about what happiness you might be spreading. Take a week or two and see what it does for you and everyone around you. After all, just like peanut butter on my pb and jelly sandwiches, happiness was meant to be spread.



  1. What a great post. Thank you!