Fright Factory: Keeps the Scary Outside and the Fun Inside

Posted by on Dec 19, 2016


Remember me saying how girly my girls were? Well. Don’t get me wrong. They LOVE some getting dirty, being scared and all the creepy crawlies that they find in our backyard…. their mother? Not so much.

I have come to a compromise with the creepy crawlies in allowing my children to create their own with FRIGHT FACTORY. It keeps the scary outside and the FUN inside.

Make scary 3D creations with Fright Factory™! Use the special light curing EwwGoo™ gel to fill creepy molds and then flash them with the eerie light from the Fright Factory Creature Creator. Kids can create insects, reptiles, rats, bats and more! Fright Factory™ uses ultra-safe LED light to develop your creations. Gels are quick curing, non-toxic and kid friendly.


So when my girls are done with adding bling to our lives, they can easily switch to adding some fright! The gel was not messy and easy to work with. The last thing any mom needs is more mess! My favorite part about this? You only use light to make these creations some “alive”. You don’t have to use any heat, which makes the mom in me feel MUCH better and the gel is non-toxic and kid friendly. So I do not have to worry about my children all the sudden gaining super powers or extra abilities due to some exposure to toxic waste!

You just fill up your creepy mold, use sage LED light to create the rubbery stubstance, and presto- change. You are now the proud owner of your own creepy crawly creation!  Go get your fright on with FRIGHT FACTORY– it’s the most FUN way to be scared!