Our Generation Dolls: Make a Bestie for Life

Posted by on Dec 19, 2016

Most girls have a doll…or five that they use for pretend play. It is the same at my house. They play tea party, they play school, they play mommy, the list goes on and on. And HAS been going on for years. It seems dolls and littles grow together and it is no exception at my house. My girls have one doll in particular that is the “go to” doll for them. Our Generation dolls. They are the BEST! These dolls are not only large (18 inches) but very “real like”.  The hair, the eyes, the soft body with plastic limbs, makes them perfect to contort and fit into the many play items you can find to go with your littles pretend play!

When my little was able to get her first Our Generation® Deluxe Doll – Lily Annait was like Christmas morning for ME to watch her face and she loved on that doll. Lily Anna comes with the cutest outfit and the detail is great! Then to see her reaction as she was able to have some fun accessories and toys to keep her doll company? Well. GAME ON. What is a horsegirl without her horse? Our Generation® Holiday Clydesdale Horse and Accessories fixed that for us. Our Holiday Clydesdale Hose even had its own house-the Horse Barn – Our Generation

Not only are these toys and accessories well made, but they are a DEAL. Your little will love pretend playing with her doll and horse. I love that the pieces are not too tiny- so you can let even your littlest of littles play with them. The hair is nice and can be styled (and the horse too!) and there are SO many other accessories, clothes, and even mini dolls you can pick up to add to you ever growing Our Generation doll collection. One of my favorite things about Our Generation, is the books that go along with the dolls. I love that my girls can learn about their own personal doll and hear “her story”. Fun for them, fun for Mom to watch them read! It’s a win-win! So go find “your” Our Generation doll. You will have a new bestie for life!