The VW Passat – Get Out and Drive!

Posted by on Dec 23, 2016

Most of you will know the song, “Life is a highway, I wanna ride it all night long”. Come on now, sing it with me. Yep. I can SEE your head nodding right now. I love that song. Mostly because I LOVE to drive. I may or may not have been told I have somewhat of a lead foot, but only when appropriate…PROMISE! This experience of being able to test out the VW Passat makes that song come to mind each time I slide into my (with these temps in the 20’s) much needed heated driver’s seat. I literally find myself making excuses JUST to go out and drive that baby!

I have a confession to make here, I am a TRUE fan of VW. I LOVE VW bugs, and all the models in the VW family. So I was STOKED to get the chance to take on the VW Passat and take it for a test run. Gotta say it. I get it. I get why people LOVE their VW Passat. I get why people feel like a million bucks when they drive it. I get why people own them.

Since it’s the holidays, this week we have decided to hit as many Christmas drive through light displays as humanly possible. Cause, really? Why not?! I got a sweet car! Such a smooth ride, such a sweet looking car, its roomy like my SUV (which I typically drive) but sleek and does NOT make me feel like a frumpy jalopy driving mom. I have gone through so many drive thru Christmas light displays and have been comfortable, and safe during each one. Knowing I have a quality car, makes all the difference.

Look at the VW Passat. Isn’t he pretty? Oh. Did I say he? YES. YES I DID. When you truly LOVE a car, you NAME your car. This is Taye. I love the way I look in this car (i.e. Taye)! Ok. I know it might only be the car, but I could have sworn I got a head nod from another VW driver the other day…just saying.

I may not always take the Passat out on a freeway, but each time I get in I know I will have an adventure…or two. Whether it’s that head nod from a fellow VW driver ( I swear it happened!) or just feeling good knowing I’m in a safe automobile as I drive through Christmas light displays, I Do want to drive it (him. Taye) as much as I can!