Gemmies Crystal Creations – Create Something Amazing!

Posted by on Jan 31, 2017

I grew up with a gaggle of boys (and when I say gaggle, I mean gaggle. 5 to be exact). So girly toys were short lived in my house. Fast forward to my adulthood and here I am raising girls. And can I just tell you? I LOVE IT. It is ALL about the bling in our house. We simply cannot be without our polished toes and fingernails, accessories are a must and if we can find a way to give our outfit some pizazz? WE DO IT!

Gemmies are the next evolution of the popular 3D beading craft. Following a simple process, kids clip Gemmies crystals to elastic rings then join completed rings to create a 3D sparkling creation! Design templates are intuitive and use a repetitive pattern that lets kids develop their cognitive abilities and progress to designing their own creations.

You can make anything out of Gemmies crystals. starting series include animals, flowers and more! Store all your Gemmies crystals and accessories in the Gemmies Design Studio and display your favorite creation on the light up pedestal.

It is so quick and easy, you could literally create a one of a kind piece of art while getting ready to walk out the door, or even on your way to any event! By simply clipping and connection Gemmies together, you have instantly make a “uniquely you” work of art! My 10-year-old daughter literally made a birthday gift topper for one of her little friends as yes, she informed me, even the present was missing some “sparkle”. All it takes is three easy peasy steps; CLICK, CONNECT, CREATE.

I love that my two girls with their two very differing personalities can create something so “them” and let their imaginations soar. At the moment, my 10-year-old is very much into accessorizing, so we see a lot of rings, glasses and such. My 8-year-old is all about the animals, so her creations involve a Crystal Compound of different designs. Each with their own style, they display it with GEMMIES! So get your groove on and get ready for that bling! Grab your GEMMIES and create something amazing!