Personalogy: Fun For The Whole Family!

Posted by on Jan 31, 2017

It’s Winter. That means it’s cold outside and Spring break is on the horizon. That means you need something to keep your kids happy (and let’s face it, hold on to your sanity) asap. This is when my family likes to pull out the games! There are so many great ways to occupy your kids and help them to use their minds. Personalogy is one of our new faves.

I cannot describe how much fun we had and continue to have with this game! It is super easy and required zero parent involvement to set up and get started. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love playing games with my kids. But sometimes it’s nice to know I can sit one out every once in a while and they will be able to continue to play and have fun. I love that there are multiple choice answers for the questions you (or your kids) aren’t sure of. I will say that most of the time we just ignored those options. We tend to have more fun and longer conversations if we come up with our own answers. Plus, there are parent/adult questions as well as questions that anyone can answer. If you haven’t checked out this fun game, then now is the perfect time!

Personalogy: A Laugh-out-loud discovery card game for the family (ideal for kids 7-11). Brings families together instantly – the playful, heart-warming and silly questions gets everyone talking, laughing and having fun! Questions have multiple choice answers to make it easy for kids.Play at family meals or game night.Discover something new about your family. perfect for birthday or holiday parties, family gatherings, A perfect antidote for traveling with kids, road trips, and plane rides. Triple AAA recommends it for road trips too! The speciality box is designed to be small enough to put in your purse, backpack or glove box. Cards are the same size as a regular deck of playing cards. Many of the questions were co-created by kids 7-11. Great for family dinners gatherings, birthday parties, goodie bags and a hostess gift. A great game for grandparents to connect with their grandkids! Three ways to play, with or without points and can be played in teams. 122 fun, silly, laugh-out-loud and memorable questions and even more surprising answers. Made Amazon’s Best Sellers Top 100 Card Games for 2015! Enjoy! Made in the USA. Check out our Personalogy Party Edition for adults, great for dinner parties, Game night, Road trips or hostess gift.