Rolling in the 2017 Volkswagen Passat

Posted by on Jan 3, 2017

Six weeks ago I picked up this awesome 2016 VW Passat so I could drive it around town courtesy of VW of Orem. And I have to say It. Was. Awesome! there are so many amazing features. My absolute favorite (which I’ve told you before) is the backup camera. Because if I’m honest, I’ve backed into a parked car before. Well, twice. I know. I know. But that is part of why the backup camera is just so freaking amazing for me.

But what other cool features are there? Let me break it down.

  1. Sun roof
  2. Blue tooth link up (my kids loved listening to What Does the Fox Say from my phone over and over again)
  3. Heated seats (In freezing temps this is a must!)
  4. Open the trunk with the touch of a button
  5. Great storage
  6. And tons more!

We took this little baby on a road trip to Heber where we visited the yummy Heber Valley Cheese. The Passat did fantastic! I couldn’t have asked for better.

This is us saying goodbye to this beautiful car.

Mostly, I just used the Passat for all of my regular activities. I drove my kids to and from school. I went grocery shopping and to doctor appointments. Plus, we’ve been in the process of moving. So hauling a bunch of boxes and other stuff was required. I was worried the Passat wouldn’t be up to par in this area, but it did so great! The VW Passat has definitely been added to the top of my vehicle wish list. And I had such a great experience with the staff at VW of Orem that I know just where to go when I’m ready to buy.