Score the Best Price on Food Delivery With #Bootler!

Posted by on Jan 24, 2017

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own.

I’m not great at making decisions. If you ask me what I want for dinner my answer will inevitably be “I don’t care. What sounds good to you?”. My mom and sister are exactly the same way. So when the three of us are trying to make plans? Yeah, it’s not pretty. When we need to make a decision on food delivery it’s even worse. Not only do we have to make a decision on what kind of food we want, but also who has the lower prices and the fastest delivery time. Ugh. I’m getting tired and stressed just typing this out. But then. (That’s a whole sentence in this situation.). But then I discovered Bootler.

Bootler is an awesome app that let’s you search for the kind of food you want, compares prices and delivery times (say what!?) and let’s you know about delivery fees and if there is a minimum to order at any restaurant. Then, you can save the restaurants you like best so you can find them fast next time you get on the site. Time saver? Absolutely! Life changer? Quite possibly.

They also have categories to choose from like Smoke BBQ Delivery, sushi, pizza, salad, healthy and tons of other options. So, if you are like me and my family you can still figure out something to eat without deciding on a specific place right away.

So, what exactly is Bootler?

Bootler is a search engine for food delivery. Basically, they work with over 6 different delivery services allowing users to pick a restaurant and compare prices, availability and delivery time. This way you save time and money. Bootler isn’t the company that delivers the food. They just bring together all the places you can get food delivery. Bootler is currently only in Chicago, but is expanding to other major cities soon. Checkout the YouTube video below to give you a little more info on how it works.