Reliefband: Say Goodbye to Motion Sickness #LifeChangingTech

Posted by on Feb 13, 2017

About Reliefband:

Reliefband® clinically proven, FDA Cleared wearable technology for the treatment of nausea and vomiting associated with morning sickness, motion sickness and VR Gaming.

Using highly effective and responsive technology, our digital wearable devices are clinically tested, FDA cleared and endorsed by the medical profession. Easy-to-use, comfortable and adjustable, they bring a new dimension to treatment by putting people back in control.



Recently I took my kids to a local amusement park geared toward children called Jungle Jim’s Playland. We had been in the past and I loved that my older boys could take my younger daughter on the rides while I watched. My kids very favorite ride is the roller coaster. It actually just goes around in a circle over and over again. Super fun, right? Yeah, not so much for me. I don’t even like to watch this ride. It makes my head feel a little woozy. But on this particular trip my 2 year old daughter REFUSED to go on the roller coaster without me. No amount of bribery or coaxing would change her mind. So, what was a mom to do? I got on the ride with her, of course.

I thought to myself, “I will totally be okay. This ride goes pretty slow. I’ll just focus on my cute girl and not the circles I’ll be traveling in.” BIG MISTAKE. It didn’t take long for me to feel the spinny circles going to my brain. After the ride was over I stumbled off, asked my friend Charity to keep an eye on my kiddos and made a beeline for the bathroom. I did not lose my lunch, but I really thought I was going to. I spent the rest of the trip with my head down on the table while my kids ran around with their besties and my friend checked on me every once in a while. Obviously not the best way to spend my time, eh?

Enter the Reliefband. If I’m being honest, I was VERY nervous to give this little watch-like device a try. I didn’t want a repeat of the roller coaster debacle. But, I did know that I wanted to be able to do those things with my kiddos again. So I slipped this little baby on and started spinning in circles. Seriously. I figured this would be the easiest way to try it out while still being in reach of my bed in case things went wrong.

After spinning for a minute or two (it really didn’t take long) I started to feel those familiar feelings: wooziness, vomity, you know the ones. So I flipped the watch on and waited. I felt nothing at first. A tiny little shock and a bit of tingling in my fingers. I decided to turn up the volume so to speak. Since the Reliefband has 5 settings I wanted to figure out what would work for me. I amped it to 3 and took a seat. The tiny shock got bigger, although still not uncomfortable. And my symptoms? They started to fade away.

I did a little happy dance right on the spot. I mean, I have dealt with motion sickness my entire life. (I even up-chucked my lunch on my family vacation in Hawaii when I was 11). Could this be real? Yes, yes it could! I knew I had to do a bit more experimenting before I embraced my giddiness. My next experiment? Reading while riding in the car. I made the hubs take me for a drive and I brought my book along. As soon as those uncomfortable feelings started to make themselves known I turned on the Reliefband. Again, it worked. And fast!

I am ridiculously excited about this thing. It is literally life changing. I am now free to do things I couldn’t before. I can go on that 3D ride without it ruining my entire vacation. I can take my daughter on the kiddie roller coaster and lose my lunch. I’m so ready to do more tests and to enjoy my life a little more. If you have ever suffered from motion sickness, morning sickness, or anything similar you should absolutely check this little baby out!


Buy It:

Get your own Reliefband for $94.99 (down from $114.99).

If you are not satisfied with the product for any reason, simply return it to us within 30 days of purchase for a FULL REFUND.

That’s how confident we are that Reliefband® will work for you.


  1. I feel for you. I once went on a ride at Jungle Jim and the person had to stop the ride for me to get off. This would be great for car trips for me too.