Precious Moments Luffie the Lamb – Perfect for Easter

Posted by on Apr 13, 2017

Snuggies. Lovies. Pets. We call them a lot of things in my house. But one thing you can be sure of. We have A LOT of stuffed animals. They are found in every corner, on every bed, in every play chest of my kids’ room. They are like little members of the family. Each one bringing the fun of choosing a new name and filling yet another space that was left vacant.

Being a self-proclaimed connoisseur of stuffed animals, I have seen a lot of stuffed animals come and go. Those that were not so well made and those that I have had since I was my kids age and my kids are still playing with them. I would put Precious Moments Stuffed Animals at one of the top of my list.

Soft and baby safe, each Precious Moments 8.5″ plush has an inspirational tag that communicates its special message and name. Approximately 8.5 inches tall, they are very soft. The embroidered features ensure that they are baby safe. Great gifts for babies, children and anyone you love in your life. Luffie Lamb is “Heaven’s Blessings”

My little miss was beyond excited to be able to snuggle up with this Precious Moments Luffie the Lamb. She’s super cuddly soft and adorable. She was promptly named Heart Lovie and was placed gently into bed. I have no doubt this little Lamb will be a part of our family for quite some time.