Things a Car Salesman Will Never Tell You & Why You Should Do Your Research First!

Posted by on Jul 31, 2017

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There are so many things to consider when buying a new car. It is usually fairly stressful. And often high pressure, which I absolutely HATE! That’s a big part of the reason I choose to do my research online, well before ever heading to a dealership. My favorite site to visit?, I’ll tell you more about why later. For now, read these things that a car salesman will never tell you.

1.  We have a promotion online right now that will save you extra money – Most dealers won’t mention their online specials when you visit the dealership in person.  Make sure you visit the dealer’s website to see if they have any online promotions.  Pay close attention to any fine print on the promotion to make sure that you will qualify.  Mention the promotion when you first arrive at the dealership.

You may want to scope out the websites of several competitor dealerships too.  If a competitor has a better promotion listed on their website, ask the dealer if they are willing to match the promotion.

2.  Take a night and sleep on the decision – Purchasing a new car is a very big decision.  Make sure you take time to think it over before you complete the purchase.  You should ALWAYS take a night to sleep on the decision.  If you still feel good about the purchase the following day, proceed with buying the car.  Always have the courage to walk away from a dealership, especially when the salesman is very pushy.

3.  You can take the car you are considering to a mechanic you trust before you buy the car – Not many people know this, but it could potentially save you some major headaches down the road.  If you have a mechanic you know and trust (my fave in Utah is Ray’s Garage), arrange to stop by with the car you are considering and ask them to inspect the vehicle.  If you don’t have a mechanic you trust, ask your friends and family which mechanic they would recommend.

4.  You should research finance options on your own before you visit – While many dealers offer their own financing or partner with other financing companies, the best financing on a new car may be available somewhere else.  Always check with your own bank or credit union first to find out the potential terms of a loan on a new vehicle.  You should also check out other banks and credit unions to compare rates, fees, terms, etc.  If you are well informed before you visit the dealer, you will be in a much better position to evaluate if the financing offered directly by the dealer is a good opportunity or not.

5.  I don’t know everything about the cars on this lot – Many car salesmen are trained in the art of selling, instead of being trained as car experts.  Instead of simply accepting the salesman’s answers to your questions, research the models you are considering extensively online before visiting the dealership.  Compare similar models.  Price shop online. Knowledge is power!


Buying a new or used car should always be an enjoyable experience. Or, at the very least, not a horrible one.  My best advice? Head to You can search cars for sale, read specs and reviews on any car out there, AND find dealerships that have the car you want. Do your research before you go! Believe me, you won’t regret it.