Remembering My Grandmother…

Posted by on Sep 5, 2017

I can clearly remember the day my grandmother died. I can’t remember the date. Or even the year, but those aren’t the important details, right? After I heard the news I went out onto my back porch and stared at the sky as the tears fell down my face.

My eyes were drawn to the sunset. The colors were beautiful! The purples and blues, oranges and yellows; Each color reminded me of a different talent that my grandmother possessed. The colors seamlessly meshed together, just as her talents had to produce the awe inspiring woman that she was.

I watched the colors swirling, as they formed different designs and created new shades of colors. As the sun slowly sunk below the mountains I could picture my grandmother at her best. Before long, the sun was completely gone. As was my grandmother.

In that simple sunset I had relived every memory I had ever had with this amazing woman. To this day, sunsets bring me a peace that I can’t describe. I know it’s my grandmother watching over me from heaven.