10 Ways to Save Money this Christmas

Posted by on Nov 15, 2017

Christmas is coming up fast: only 39 shopping days left! Here are our top ten ways to help you save money this Christmas. Do you have your own frugal Christmas tip to share? Let us know about it!


1. Sign up with Swagbucks!
Use Swagbucks to earn gift cards to help pay for gifts. You would be surprised how quickly you can earn gift cards. I average 2-3 $5 Amazon gift cards per month. And that’s not putting in a lot of time or effort. That means you could earn $150 or more per year for just a couple minutes a day! Not sure what Swagbucks is? Check out our Swagbucks 101 post.

2. Make a list
Make a list now of who you need to buy for and then brainstorm gift ideas. Then you can watch for deals on those gifts instead of running out on Christmas Eve to grab the present they want at a price you don’t.

3. Shop for deals!
I know this is the no brainer, right? But sometimes we get carried away getting excited to be done with our shopping and forget to shop around to find the best deal. The internet is an amazing thing. It’s super easy to research prices and find the best deal without ever leaving your house. One of our favorites for this is Amazon’s Movers and Shakers. They are updated often with the hottest deals right now and you can score big on everything including baby, Kindle, electronics, toys, and more.

4. Go homemade
I’m not necessarily super crafty. But I also don’t want to shell out big bucks for neighbor, teacher, or co-worker gifts. So instead I get my kids involved and we make cookies or cards or both and give those instead. All those receiving the gifts seem to love seeing the things from our kids and that helps me to feel like it matters. Plus, grandparents especially love these kinds of gifts.

We’ve found Pinterest to be the best source of ideas and inspiration. You can also follow our personal Pinterest boards if you so desire, but keep in mind these might not be as “professional” as the Mamas on a Dime Pinterest boards because we don’t necessarily censor ourselves there. We are more a bit more active with these though: Becky’s Pinterest and Jacki’s Pinterest.

5. Use coupons
Hello, this is a given, right? There are coupons or coupon codes all the time. Even for gift cards. We posted deals in the past where you could save 15% on iTunes gift cards. Take advantage of those types of deals. Or you can also use Gift Card Mall to get discounts on gift cards. And don’t forget to use coupons and stock up on grocery deals for dinner, breakfast, and parties for the upcoming holiday season. Crazy4Smiths is my go to site for the best grocery deals.

6. Get personal
Everyone loves pictures, scrapbooks, or maybe even unicorns. Whatever it is that your friend/relative is into, focus on that. You might be able to get a much better deal on the skillsaw your husband has been lusting after than you would on the gift card for him to buy it himself.

7. Set a budget and stick to it
It’s also a good idea to set a budget for each person. I find that when I write out my list and add up the amounts for each person I often realize just how unrealistic those amounts are. When you see the numbers written down it will make it easier to prioritize. Plus, you can make sure to stick to your budget! If you budgeted $50 for grandma don’t buy her a gift for $75 just because it’s a good deal.

8. Give Service
Instead of giving store bought gifts, give coupons for service. You could offer up babysitting, weeding a flower bed, organizing a closet, extra TV/video game time, or a million other ideas. Have fun with it and the recipient will be thrilled with the gift.

9. Picture perfect
There is nothing grandma likes better than pictures of the grandkids. Make a photo book, photo collage, or calendar and give it as a gift that will keep on giving all year long. Check out sites like Shutterfly or Artscow to look for great deals and spend very little out of pocket.

10. Buy after the Holiday for next year
As soon as the holidays are over the clearance begins. Most stores mark down holiday decor, toys and more at least 50% the day after. And the prices just keep falling from there. So head out and snag, plates, cups, and some gifts for next year at a killer deal.

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