16 & Pregnant: What’s a Girl to Do?

Posted by on Nov 6, 2017

When I was 16 and pregnant and struggling to know what to do with my baby and my life, prayer was my answer.

I talked my options through with multiple people: my mom, my sister, my friends, my counselor and more. While I had an idea of what my choice should be, I didn’t feel sure. I made lists of pros and cons. I cried. A lot! I moved forward with my decision to place my son for adoption. After many steps, my counselor gave me some profiles of families hoping to adopt. I put those families in order of who I liked best to least. Based on? I have no idea. And finally, I decided I needed to pray. And not just say the words before I fell asleep, but to pour my heart out to my Heavenly Father and ask for his guidance.

When I finally did this, I KNEW. I knew with every fiber of my being that that precious baby boy wasn’t mine. I KNEW that he was meant to be with his parents now. I KNEW this was the right decision. And I knew that it was only through the power of prayer that I could feel this way. It doesn’t mean it wasn’t still hard or that I didn’t cry and sob and ache for that baby. But, even now, 20 years later, I KNOW it was the right decision. And without the power of prayer, without our loving Heavenly Father, I’m not sure if I ever would have known.


  1. Andrea Riddle says:

    Thank you SO much for sharing something so sweet and personal. I have a sister-in-law who did the same thing and she has never regeretted her decision.

  2. LaVon Evans says:

    What an unselfish act of love! I can only imagine how hard it was to make that decision. Also a great blessing for the family that adopted your baby.