Where Do You Look For Deals Now That Black Friday is Over?

Posted by on Nov 27, 2017

Black Friday is over. Cyber Monday is just about finished. But you still have shopping to do! Where do you go for deals now?

It’s easier than you think. If I’m honest, I bought one thing on Black Friday. One. Want to know what it was? Socks. I got half price socks for my whole family at Smith’s Marketplace for half price. That just isn’t where I shop anymore. So here are the places I plan on looking to save some moolah now.

Amazon: This is BY FAR where I do the majority of my shopping. They consistently have the best prices and I can shop in my pj’s. Win!

Smith’s: This one might seem odd to you, but you’d be surprised how many deals you can get here. Save on groceries and you’ll have more for gifts. They are doing 25 Days of Merry Deals right now and you will save on all sorts of things. Even games and toys!

Movie Theaters: The Cinemark refillable buckets are my favorite gift to give. They are fairly inexpensive, but then can be used all year round for the person who gets them. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! These often sell out so you won’t want to wait to buy yours.

Facebook: I know it sounds weird, but FB ads knows what they are doing. I’ve found some awesome things while just scrolling through my feed. And there is usually a coupon code. I discovered Big Life Journals on FB and it is freaking awesome! Not only is there a HUGE sale right now, I’m also giving one away!

Shop Local! I guarantee you have many family and friends who have items to sell that help them afford their own Christmas. Most of those will be having some kind of sale right now.

I found Rise & Shine Cosmetics through a friend and absolutely LOVE my permanent eyeliner and eyebrows. PLUS, get 50% off when you mention Mamas on a Dime!