Grocery Store Match Ups 101

Posted by on Aug 10, 2011

Without coming to a class it’s sometimes hard to figure out just how to navigate our Grocery Store Match Ups. So we are going to make it simple and easy step by step!

1. Click on our Grocery Store Match Ups link on the right hand side of our nav bar.

2. Choose your state and store from our drop down menu.




3. Click the start button in the top right corner (This will make the whole list gray)



4. Check out the columns to find your deals.



  • First column: stock up sale (4 & 5 stars are in red and are the best deals)
  • Second column: Sale items (What is on sale and what brand)
  • Third column: Sale Price (Who cares? You are a couponer!)
  • Fourth column: Where to find a coupon to make a great deal
  • Fifth column: Your bottom line price


5. Click the items you want to add to your list (this will make the items on your list white instead of gray)





6. Click the shrink button in the top right corner



7. You now have a list to print and take with you to the store.





8. Check the coupon column to find and cut out the coupons you need to take with you to the store.
If you aren’t sure what some of the abbreviations mean check out our coupon lingo post.


9. Start stocking up and keeping your grocery budget low!

Where to find coupons

Posted by on Aug 30, 2010

I think the number one question I get asked by family and friends when talking about grocery shopping is “where do you find coupons?”. Here are my top ten places to get coupons.

1. Sunday Newspaper
My absolute number one way to get coupons is the newspaper. I was getting four newspapers, but I have added four more with the killer newspaper deal that is going on. This might be an obvious answer, but I know it’s sometimes overlooked.

2. Printable Coupons
The second best place for coupons is online. We try to tell you about the best coupons out there, but we can’t do it all. The top three places to look for a great printable coupon are:
Smart Source
Red Plum
You can also check out the awesome list of where to find printable coupons that Becky put together.

3.  Magazines
Before using coupons I never noticed them in my magazines. And now I notice them all the time. There are tons of coupons in magazines! All You is by far my favorite, but there are coupons in almost every magazine I subscribe to. Keep your eyes out while you are reading articles and then remember to cut them out.

4. Mobile coupons
Give a store your cell number and they will text you coupons. Lots of stores do this and it’s a great way to save on ink and space. A few to start with:

5. eCoupons
There are some great sites out there that will let you load eCoupons onto your store loyalty card. Smith’s/Kroger is the only option in Utah. Checkout these sites to get started today.
6. Store Website
Some stores have coupons right on their website! Pay attention to what the coupon says when you print it. Some are store coupons and some manufacturer. I love getting store coupons since they stack so wonderfully with manufacturer coupons for cheap and free stuff! The best that I have found are:
   Rite Aid

7. In Stores
You would be amazed how many coupons you will find in the store while shopping if you just look around. If there is a coupon for something I grab one or two. Even if it isn’t something I’m buying that day it could help me get a great deal in the future when that item is on sale.

8. Samples
You know all the awesome free samples we post about? The majority of the time you will get a coupon along with your free sample in the mail. Pull it out and save it for a sale.

9. On or with your reciept
We have talked about catalinas a fair amount on our site. If you are not familiar with them they are coupons that print at the cash register and you get with your receipt. These are often good coupons. Sometimes for just a dollar amount off your next purchase! Make sure to check it out before you throw it away. There are also coupons on the back or bottom of many receipts. It only takes a second to glance at your receipt and it could save you  lots of money.

10. Facebook
It’s not just for friends anymore. Like your favorite brands on facebook and watch for coupons being offered. We try to post the ones we know about, but some of our best coupons come from our readers who just happen to see them on their page.

These are my top ten ways to find coupons, but I’m sure there are more out there. What is your favorite way to find coupons?

Where to Find Printable Coupons

Posted by on Aug 9, 2010
Coupons Inc.


Mambo Sprouts
This is a great coupon resource for organic brands.

Coupons 101: Coupon organization

Posted by on Apr 21, 2010

Coupon organization is a hard topic for me. I am far from an expert. I have yet to find an organization method that is the perfect fit for me and my lifestyle. Hopefully you can find what works for you. Here are a few ideas.

When I first started couponing I had one little envelope that I kept in my purse. We got the Sunday paper, I would cut out the coupons I thought I would use, stick them in my envelope and recycle the rest.
Then I had one small accordion file for my purse that had neat categories to help me find my coupons. I still only cut out certain coupons and recycled the rest.

I then got a little more serious. I bought a second accordion file for my purse. One was for food and the other non food. I still only cut out the coupons I thought I would use, but I also started saving my inserts from the Sunday paper. I labeled them with the date and filed them in a larger accordion file that I keep in my office.
And now my coupons are taking over! Okay, not really. But I do have a lot. My method now is a binder with baseball card size sleeves and separators to organize them. This way I can pick a category, flip to that page and see if any coupons apply. I still date and file my inserts. However I now get two newspapers on Sunday. And my Mom and neighbor often give me their inserts as well. I cut out all the coupons of things I normally buy as well as any high value coupons that could help me get something for free or really close to it. The binder does not fit well in my purse so I’m still struggling with lugging it through the store with me.
I usually just plan my shopping trip ahead of time so I can pull out all the coupons I plan on using. I then keep my binder in my car so I can run out to grab it if I find a great deal, but need a coupon I didn’t plan for. However, with a baby and a toddler I have no idea how I could actually run to my car without it being a huge ordeal. Which explains why I still haven’t found the perfect way to organize my coupons.
There are a ton of different way to organize coupons. These are just the ones I have used on my journey from beginner to pro. Or maybe semi-pro?
We would love to hear what organization method you use. Leave a comment or shoot us an email letting us know the best method for you.

Coupon Lingo

Posted by on Jan 11, 2010

Here is a list of definitions for common coupon terms:

$1/2 – $1 off 2 items
2/$1 – 2 items for $1
B1G1 – Buy one get one
B2G1 – Buy two get one
Blinkies – The machines at the store that hold coupons you can grab to use right then on your purchase. They are usually red and having a little “blinking” light.
BOGO – Buy one get one
FF – Firefox Browser
Hangtags – Coupons Hanging from shelf by or in front of item
IE – Internet Explorer Browser
Mfr – Manufacturer’s coupon
MIR – Mail in rebate
OOP – Out of Pocket expense
Peelies – Coupons that you can peel off of packages.
PG – Procter and Gamble coupon insert from newspaper
Printable – A coupon that you print from on-line
RP – RedPlum coupon insert from newspaper or mail
RR – Register Rewards which is a coupon that prints at the end of your transaction that can be used on a future purchase at Walgreen.
SS – Smart Source Coupon insert from newspaper
Stacking – Using a manufacturer’s coupon with a store coupon or using more than one online coupon code.
Wags – Walgreens