Giveaway: Win Giani Countertop Paint ($80 Value)

Posted by on Aug 29, 2013

Win Giani

About Giani Granite:

GIANI was developed as an easy and fun experience to allow your creative flair to come out.  
    It’s complete with pre-packaged Minerals, a unique primer that adheres to laminate, an extremely hard clear topcoat – plus all the necessary tools –

       assembled for you in one convenient Kit.

   So now – regardless of your painting experience – you can quickly and easily create a stunning GIANI granite countertop that locks out moisture and resists bacteria.


I’ve been wanting new countertops for a while now, but since I don’t want to stay in this house for a long time I didn’t want to invest a lot of money. So I was pretty excited when I discovered Giani countertop paint. Make my counters look like granite for only a fraction of the cost? Yes please!

So I read the instructions about twenty times (because I’m weird like that) and got to work. You first have to do a base coat on your counter. Then you let that dry and start sponging away with the other colors provided in your kit. This process took a couple of hours, a couple of swear words, and a lot of elbow grease. You then have to let that dry. And then you put a topcoat on and let that dry. All in all it was pretty dang easy. And it took a total of about 4 days (between painting and dry times). And I am insanely happy with the results. Unless you look REALLY close, my counters look like granite, my whole kitchen looks better, and there was very little down time. Plus, everything you need is in included in your kit. So you shouldn’t have to run to the store at the last minute to buy something extra.

If you are looking for a way to spruce up your countertops without spending a ton of money or time, then Giani countertop paint is for you. You should definitely check it out.

Buy It:

Just head over to the Giani Countertop Paint site and add your color to your cart. You can also use the store locator to find a location near you. They also offer cabinet paint as well as appliance paint.


Win It:

One Mamas on a Dime reader will win a Giani Countertop Kit of Your Choice!

Just leave a comment on this post letting us know what color of Giani paint you would choose and then leave your name and email address in the giveaway form below. If you’re reading this in our daily email or a feed reader, then click on the title of the post to be taken to the blog so you can enter to win.

You can also get up to 3 bonus entries!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway ends Monday, September 9 at 10:00pm MST, and the winner will be chosen randomly, contacted by email, and posted on the blog the next day.
The Rules:
*Only ONE entry per name/email address (excluding bonus entries).
*Open to U.S. Residents Only
*Make sure you include a valid email address so we can contact you. This is the only thing your email address will be used for.
*Winner is chosen using
*Winner has 48 hours to contact us, or another winner will be chosen.

This giveaway was sponsored by Giani. I received a Giani kit in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

50 DIY Halloween Costumes

Posted by on Sep 26, 2012

Slap Dash Mom has an awesome list of 50 DIY Halloween costumes with tutorials! You totally need to check it out.

This is a great way to get an amazing costume on the cheap.

Upcycled Cardboard Projects

Posted by on Mar 14, 2012

Want to learn a budget friendly, fun craft that’s also good for the environment? I was so excited to find this blog post from ikatbag: How to Work With Cardboard. She has a very informative tutorial with some amazing craft ideas at the end!

Frugal Birthday Party Ideas Part Four: Games & Activities

Posted by on May 19, 2011

Part four of our Frugal Birthday party ideas!

I think kids can have more fun and are much easier to please than sometimes parents realize. There are many games that can be played indoors or out. Some of the classics are the best games for birthday parties. Musical chairs, tag, duck duck goose, and even pin the tail on the donkey (you can even make it yourself and match it to the theme of your party).

Carnival games and relay races are also easy to do yourself and lots of fun for the kids. Becky saved some empty soup and soda cans and used a ball (any type would work) for the kids to throw and knock them down at her son’s a couple of years ago.

To give or not to give? We consider this a gray area. My kids are young so I’ve never given favors at a party yet. Some years Becky does them and some years she doesn’t. For one of  Colton’s parties she had the kids do their own craft. They made little foam visors that they decorated themselves with markers and stickers.

So, we say give them if you want. And don’t, if you don’t want to. But it’s possible to do a favor without spending a lot of money and without giving out a bunch of what we like to call “5 minute toys”. Find more homemade birthday party favor ideas.
We would love to hear your frugal birthday party idea. Send them to us in an email or comment on one of our posts. We are always looking for new ways to save.

Frugal Birthday Party Ideas Part 1:Decorations & Simplify

Posted by on May 16, 2011

We all throw birthday parties; for our kids, for ourselves, or for our friends. So here are some ideas to help keep costs down while still having an awesome party. Today is part one.

Keep it Simple:
Since my son Beckett just turned two we opted for a low key family only birthday party at home. This really has so many advantages! We save money by not paying for a place that he doesn’t care about while also keeping all of the conveniences of our house. After he dives into his birthday cake and gets his fill of sugar and icing we can put him right in the tub. Easiest clean up ever.

And even with older kids you can have friends over to your house instead of paying for an expensive play place.
When Becky’s son turned 6 she threw a party for him in her front yard. There was a pinata, crafts, and the cutest homemade games ever. The venue let the kids interact with each other more than if they had gone to some sort of play place and it cost less too.

Also, to help keep it simple and to keep costs down we don’t usually have parties during meal times. That way we don’t have the added expense (and mess) of serving food. We can just serve cake and ice cream. And, let’s face it, the kids prefer this anyway.

Invitations and Decorations:
We usually try to buy invitations that match our party theme, but this isn’t always the most frugal way to go. So to save money you might need to get a little creative. I have a good friend who has made her own invitations, which is a great way to go, but I’m just not that crafty.

If you don’t feel like making your own here are our best tips for getting stuff on the cheap:

  • Watch for clearance sales. Becky bought some Scooby-Doo invitations and decorations for 75% off about 5 months before Colton’s 5th birthday. (Scooby was his favorite at the time.) I also got all of Holden’s decorations and invitations for his 2nd birthday at the same sale. What 2 year old doesn’t love Elmo?
  • Check the dollar store. There are lots of party supplies at the dollar store.

We used to buy all the matching plates/cups/napkins, but then we got smart and now we just buy all that stuff in solid colors that coordinate with our theme. This brings the cost way down while still being cute. And everyone just throws it in the garbage anyway.
Becky also often just uses Evite for family party invitations and doesn’t mail anything.
You can also make your own birthday banners and other decorations.

Stay tuned for part two tomorrow.

Our Christmas Advent Calendar Tradition

Posted by on Dec 3, 2010

In case you weren’t already aware, Target often donates old clearance items to the Salvation Army. Before Christmas last year I was able to score a smokin’ deal on the super cute Advent Calendar pictured above. It’s normally sold at Target for around $30, but I found it at The Salvation Army Store for under $5. So we began a fun new tradition at our house. Behind each door I put a slip of paper (or a couple days had a small treat) with a fun holiday themed activity or project for that day. My kids loved it! It was a big hit!

If you don’t have or want to try to find your own Advent Calendar House there are a lot of other options. Just use your Swagbucks search engine to search for a homemade advent calendar or a Christmas countdown calendar. I found some cute ones at Family Fun and The Crafty Cow.

I thought I’d share a list of ideas that we pull from for our advent calendar. They are all frugal and in fact, many of them are free. Some of them are visiting locations that  are local to us in Salt Lake City so if you live elsewhere you can substitute fun things from your own area. Just use your Swagbucks search engine again to find fun events near you. Here are a bunch more ideas. And if you have more suggestions for our list we’d love to hear them!

This is a tradition we have started with my family. What are some traditions you celebrate with yours?