Make SUPER Easy Money Every Month With Neiybor: The Airbnb of Storage!

Posted by on Aug 21, 2017

You guys! Have you heard of Neiybor yet? It’s the Airbnb of storage. It’s seriously the coolest thing ever! You can earn money every single month by renting our your extra space. Or, if you need a little extra space you can rent from someone else instead of paying the high prices of a storage facility.

I am stoked to get started. All I need to do is take pics of the space I want to rent out (covered parking, garage, unfinished basement, etc.) and put the dimensions and pics on the site. I plan on renting out a portion of my unfinished basement. I mean, it’s just a huge space down there, why not let it earn me a little moolah, eh? Plus, I already let a friend of mine store her stuff in my extra space for free. As soon as she’s done with it I can use that to make a bit more!

As someone who recently rented out a storage unit I know how pricey it can be. I freaking LOVE the idea of Neiybor! And I can’t wait to get started! Check out more details below.

How People Find Space:
The process of finding space involves a simple search from the main page of our website that brings you directly to the listings available. You can then also move around the interactive google map to see the other listings available in surrounding areas. Search, Reserve, and Connect. It’s that simple.

Tips for Renters:

  • Search for storage locally and in the surrounding areas to find the most competitive price
  • Communicate effectively with host once the reservation is placed

How to become a Host:
Anyone can become a host! All you need is an empty room, garage, RV pad, or shed. To begin, simply create a host profile, become verified, take high quality photos of your space, and then create a listing. When someone decides to rent your space you will be notified via email and provided with the next steps in being a successful host. Once your space is booked you connect with the renter to decide a good time to move in.

Tips for Hosts:

  • Take photos of available space (we recommend you clean the space to make it look
  • Upload 3-5 photos of the space (photos taken on a phone should be done horizontally to
    avoid having the image flip)
  • Offer a good detailed description of the space
  • Be responsive to renters
  • Price your space competitively
  • If you have enough space then consider listing multiple spaces of differing sizes

What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

Ipsos i-say: Earn Money and Try Products FREE

Posted by on Jan 23, 2015

Ipsos i-say is another great survey company to earn a little extra money and try new products for free. I signed up a while ago and it took a bit for me to get my first survey. But I eventually did. And then they sent me some tinted Carmex to test out and get paid to do it!
Ready to sign up with Ipsos? Click the pic above now.
Take surveys and earn points. The more surveys you complete the more points you earn. The more points you earn, the more you can redeem in our online reward catalogue. We also like to chip in and offer some great contests & prizes for dedicated members. It’s a win-win!

FREE $20 Gift Card for Referring Friends

Posted by on Jan 5, 2015


Get a FREE $20 gift card to Sephora, Macy’s, Nordstorm, Gap or Whole Foods when you refer 10 friends to Shop it to Me with your unique link!

To score this deal:

  • Take a short quiz to create a Shop it to Me account
  • Click the link in the email they send and select the gift card you want
  • Select the friends you want to invite via email or click off the invite box to close it
  • You can get a referral link to share by clicking on Twitter and copying the link!
  • Share it with your friends to earn gift cards!

Feel free to share your referral link in the comments below! But make sure to act fast as this deal could end at any time.


FREE $1.25 to Paypal Cash + Earn More

Posted by on Dec 30, 2014


Right now you can score $1.25 to your Paypal account totally FREE!

Plus, you will have the opportunity to get a LOT more in the near future. You will get your $1.25 for joining Free Eats and then they will send you links and videos to click on to make instant money!

To get this deal:

  1. Sign up for Free Eats and use the email address associated with your Paypal account
  2. They will send you a text to verify your account
  3. In about an hour they will Paypal you the $1.25
  4. You can earn more for clicking on links, taking surveys, etc.


Become a Stella & Dot Stylist = $450 in Free Accessories!

Posted by on Sep 2, 2014

stella and dot

Have you always wanted the flexibility of working from home? Stella & Dot has a wonderful opportunity for anyone who enjoys fashionable accessories and wants the freedom of setting their own work schedule. Start your career as a Stella & Dot Stylist and join a company that’s all about empowering women. With their September Stylist Sign Up Special you will get $450 in free accessories! All you do is sell fabulous jewelry and accessories at Trunk Shows and you can earn 25-35% commission. Your starter kit will have everything you need to launch your business and help you be successful. Find out more details at


**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Join Springboard America and Earn Some Extra Cash

Posted by on Jun 16, 2014


Springboard America gives Americans like you the opportunity to speak up on what affects their daily lives – from products to politics. By joining Springboard, one of America’s leading online research communities, you’ll become eligible to receive invitations to our surveys, earn Survey Dollars and to help shape America’s future!

While I haven’t participated with Springboard before, I have heard good things. If you decide to sign up please let me know how you like it.

Swag Games – Winter Edition Collector’s Bills are Here!!

Posted by on Feb 6, 2014

swagbucks collectors bills

The Winter Olympic Games are on tomorrow (Friday, Feb 7th), and while it may be exciting to watch world-class athletes compete for the gold, isn’t there something we can do too? Well, thanks to, we can win some Swag Bucks gold of our own. Starting Friday, Feb 7th, through the end of Monday, Feb 17th, Swagbucks brings you another great way to earn more Bucks: the Swag Games Winter Edition Collector’s Bills!

What are Collector’s Bills? They are 5 limited edition bills that you can win by using Swagbucks Search. Each Bill ranges in denomination from 7 SB up to 14 SB, and they are inspired by the Winter Games PLUS a Swagbucks twist, with event names like Alpine Surveys, Short Track Speed Shopping, and Cross Country Searching. Collect all 5 Bills before the end of Feb 17th and on top of all the SB you earn from each Bill, you will earn a 15 SB bonus!

There are so many ways to use Swagbucks Search: click on “Search” in the topbar of the site, use the toolbar, download the free mobile app/search on the go with the mobile site, or search straight from the homepage. Don’t miss out on these great bonus SB offerings and get started now to earn your next free gift card even faster. Not a member yet? Sign up here and start earning Swag Bucks.

**If you’re new to Swag Bucks, you can check out our Swag Bucks 101 post to get the scoop on this awesome, easy to use site where you can get FREE stuff!

Chat About: Earn Rewards For Online Discussions

Posted by on Dec 21, 2013

Chat About rewards

Have you heard about Chat About yet? You earn points for participating in online discussions. Then cash in your points for Amazon gift cards, Paypal credit, jewelry and more! Sounds pretty awesome if you ask me.

Plus, you can refer friends and earn 20% of their points. If you spend just a few minutes a day on this site you should easily have enough in a month to be worth it. What a great way to earn a little extra. I just signed up and am excited to get started.

Each time you leave a comment, answer a question, refer your friends or just participate in our community, you are awarded points!

Ipsos: Earn Money & Try Products FREE

Posted by on Nov 18, 2013

Ipsos is another great survey company. I signed up a while ago and it took a while for me to get my first survey. But I eventually did. And now I get to try some tinted Carmex and get paid to do it!
Ipsos pays you to take surveys and try products!
Ready to sign up with Ipsos? Click the pic above now.

Earn Money & Stuff with Toluna

Posted by on Sep 23, 2013


Sign up with Toluna and start getting paid to take surveys and test products.

Last time I logged in to my account I had an opportunity to test some flushable wipes and get paid for my opinions. You should totally check it out.