Hold Your Little Ones a Little Tighter

Posted by on Jul 26, 2016



Sometimes, out of the blue, the loss will hit me. I will remember the little kicks I felt in my belly and pain when I never got to see his smile. So, today, hold your little ones a little tighter. You never know when it will be that last day you get to.


Today I held my children just a little tighter;

I squeezed precious little bodies just a little longer.

Today I ignored the bad behavior; the fighting and the whining.

And I focused on the amazingness that my children exude.

Today I remembered those horrible feelings of loss and pain from years ago;

And my heart hurt for others who are experiencing a similar pain anew.

Today I tried hard to ignore all the things that are wrong in my world;

And to focus on all the wonderful things that are right.

Today I watched my children play & sing & dance.

And in doing so, my heart felt just a little lighter.

Today, hold your little ones just a little longer, relish in their scent, their smile, their everything.

Because you never know if tomorrow they will be taken.

Keep Your Skin Super Soft With the Gillette Mach 3 SE Razor

Posted by on Jul 1, 2016


This post is sponsored by Vocalpoint, P&G and Gillette. All opinions are my own.

There are not many people that a child looks up to more than their Dad. I remember thinking my dad was secretly Superman. No, really. Clark Kent? Yeah, that was my dad. I was CONVINCED that when he had to leave on work trips, he was really just out saving the planet from whatever disaster or evil villain that had landed on Earth trying to destroy humanity. For as many times as he saved the world he would always come back clean shaven and not a hair out of place. How did he do it?!

Now that I have kids of my own, I see that same look I gave my dad, only it’s being given to my husband. I can see it as they watch him getting ready for work, out in the yard, or working on something around the house. You can just SEE in my kids’ eyes, they too think their dad is just SUPER. And every moment they spend together warms my heart. My oldest son, Holden simply cannot WAIT to be an adult. Me? I wouldn’t mind if it took a bit longer.

One of the things Holden loves to watch his dad do (for future reference in his adult life: ha!) is shave his face. He will stand mere inches from the mirror and INSIST that he has five o’clock shadow and needs to “trim it up a bit”. It makes me laugh each and every time. But being the SUPER dad he is, my husband lets him try things out (the shaving cream that is) and is teaching him the ropes for when he finally does grow into adulthood.


All three of my kids were very unsure about this whole shaving thing, but their superman dad assured them that it’s easier than it seems. My oldest really enjoyed getting step by step instructions on exactly how to apply the shaving cream to his face. Because he’s 9 going on 25 he thinks he will start shaving his face very soon so he took the instructions VERY seriously.

While none of the children were allowed to use the razor they had a lot of fun with the shaving cream. But the hubs did discuss what the razor does, how to keep yourself safe, and what he looks for in a good one.


The hubs go to razor? The Gillette® Mach3® Signature Edition Razor.


The Gillette® MACH3 Signature Edition razor is available only at Costco. Package includes a signature razor with 14 blade refills. Featuring 3 blades with an advanced anti-friction coating, MACH3 removes each hair with less irritation. Then soft, protective microfins gently smooth the skin for even, effortless shaving. The Indicator lubrication strip ensures that your MACH3 Signature Edition razor keeps gliding across your skin, shave after shave.


My super man has gone through a lot of razors in the span of our marriage. But when he stumbled across the Gillette Mach3 SE he knew it was “the one”. He has very sensitive skin and the extra-lubricating gel strips really help keep it from getting bumps and fights irritation. The great thing is, the lubrastrip also tells you when it’s time to switch out your blade. It will slowly fade to white when you need to change. He also loved the feature of 2x more skin guard fins. It keeps his shaving experience extra smooth. I think this might be my man’s super power. This razor. That freshly shaved face of his? Certainly sweeps me off my feet!

A Letter to My Abuser

Posted by on Jun 27, 2016


In general I’m a pretty open book. Anyone who has known me for more than a few days knows that I had a son in high school who I gave up for adoption. And that I struggled with infertility for years. But not as many know that I was also abused as a young girl. For years. By someone I loved and trusted. I don’t know why this particular thing feels like a dirty little secret, but it has. But today, I’m speaking out. At least a little.

If I had my way I would never talk to you again. I would never think about you or stop to catch my breath every time your name is mentioned. But because of the things you did to me I no longer have control over that. You took so much from me. You ruined relationships and forever tainted others; you changed my entire life. And in doing so, the lives of those around me. The ones I love the most.

I’m not sure that I will ever be able to forgive you. (I’m not sure if I even care.) I definitely don’t believe that you actually deserve my forgiveness. I cannot fathom what you could have possibly been thinking. What ever made you think you had the right to touch a little girl that way? What made you think it was okay to abuse the trust of your son, your family, and especially me, your granddaughter? Because I did trust you; to love me and to take care of me. Not to do awful things to me!

I hope and pray that one day what you did to me will no longer affect my life. Until then, I can at least rest easy knowing you can no longer inflict this kind of pain on anyone else.

Gerber® Lil’ Beanies – A Yummy, Mess Free Treat For Your Littles

Posted by on Jun 20, 2016


My daughter loves to eat. She has from the very beginning. She was a chubby little thing within a couple of months because she wanted to nurse as often as possible. When she started eating solid foods, I encouraged her to feed herself the snacks I would put on the table in front of her. At first, she would push them around and play with them. Or pour her drink on them and make a nice, big slushy mess. Eventually she realized that those things were delicious if she put them in her mouth.


She’s now 2 1/2 and absolutely LOVES to eat! So, not much has changed. While we rarely see a plate full of mush, I do have the problem of finding foods that are healthy and still yummy. I like to pick up Gerber®  Lil’ Beanies because they are made with 2 grams of protein (9% Daily Value) and 1 gram of fiber per serving. And, since these snacks are baked and made with naturally flavored ingredients like navy beans, they are a great, mess-free treat for your littles!


When we head to our local Kroger store, Smith’s we head straight to the baby/toddler aisle so we can grab more of these babies. My little munchkin loves them because they are easy for her to hold and still have the taste she loves. I love them because they don’t make a huge mess. It’s a win win with Gerber® Lil’ Beanies!


The Gerber® Lil’ Beanies come in two flavors – Original & White Cheddar & Broccoli.

The Original flavor is for children that are just starting out on solids and/0r who prefer a simple snack rather than one that has a bit more flavor. White Cheddar & Broccoli has a little bit of zest to it. Which means it’s definitely the favorite at our house.

You can find them at your local Kroger store today. For more information on each flavor, just click the links above!

Intermountain Connect Care – Mom’s New Secret Trick

Posted by on May 17, 2016

Connect Care

I grew up with siblings. And believe me. We definitely gave our parents a run for their money. I have the battle scars to prove it! But then life happened. I became a parent myself and I now realize how STRESSFUL it can be when your little one is hurting and a band aid and kiss from Mom is just NOT doing the trick.

When you are at the point that every parent gets to, and you know a visit to the Doctor’s office is inevitable…DO. NOT. PANIC. I have found a tool to add to the Mama’s bag of tricks that will save you some gas money, some valuable time and definitely some sanity. Intermountain Connect Care!

Here’s the proof that I not only know it works, but am now a “groupie”. When my little Victoria, woke up with something that can only be described as a red, bumpy rash all over her body, I knew it was going to be one of THOSE days. And since she is not yet three, I could not exactly follow up with a list of questions of the probable cause of such rash. BOO! I really didn’t want to pack the car and head to an impromptu visit to the Dr. office without an appt, didn’t want to wait to schedule one and it wasn’t looking bad enough to head to urgent care. And guess what? I DIDN’T HAVE TO! WINNING!! I sat in my pj’s (don’t judge) and with a few clicks, was talking FACE TO FACE with a real Physician. It was amazing. With the facetime option, he was able to not only SEE the rash, but ask questions to both myself and Victoria, which was adorable. He accepted not only mine, but any insurance plan and if you don’t have insurance? NO worries mama! You can play at flat $49. At the end of the call, he was able to call in a prescription. DONE. And DONE.

I love it. Best new trick for any new…or experienced parent to have in their back pocket. Cause this parenthood thing? No one said it would be easy…This sure does help though!

 Let me know your thoughts in the comments! #‎MyConnectCare‬

If You Were Busy…

Posted by on Feb 17, 2016

Sometimes I need to remember this. Sometimes I need to work harder on being kid and glad and good and true. Sometimes I am not the best version of myself.

But sometimes? Sometimes I AM those things. Sometimes I am able to put my best foot forward and shine through with the real me. And those are the very best times; not only for me, but for all of those around me. I hope to focus more on the good this year. To see the positive in people and situations. And to always, always, be the best me that I can be.

if you were busy

If you were busy being kind,
Before you knew it you would find
You’d soon forget to think ’twas true
That someone was unkind to you.

If you were busy being glad
And cheering people who seemed sad,
Although your heart might ache a bit,
You’d soon forget to notice it.

If you were busy being good,
And doing just the best you could,
You’d not have time to blame some man
Who’s doing just the best he can.

If you were busy being true
To what you know you ought to do,
You’d be so busy you’d forget
The blunders of the folks you’ve met.

If you were busy being right,
You’d find yourself too busy quite
To criticize your brother long,
Because he’s busy being wrong.

10 Ways to Know if You Have Found “The One”!

Posted by on Feb 17, 2016
Jacki and Becky 001

There is no question that when it comes to best friends that you know are going to be there forever that I have found “the one”. I can laugh with her, cry with her, and completely be myself with her. No one knows me like she does. If, heaven forbid, our husband’s bite the big one before we do I know we will be shacking up together in our old age.So who is the one? My big sister, Becky. It wasn’t always this way, but I’ve always looked up to her. I remember being fairly young (tween?) and staying up late one night while she told me all about the birds and the bees. She has no recollection of this ever happening, but I assure you, it did.

Becky is also the first person (other than the father) that I told that I was pregnant in high school. She took me to Planned Parenthood to confirm it and told me she would support me in any decision I made. To this day I don’t think she realizes just how much this meant to me. We then had a while where we just weren’t as close. Honestly, I’m not even sure what happened to bring us back together. Maybe it was her watching my 8 year old when I went back to work after he was born? No matter what it was, it happened. She is my rock and my best friend. I talk to her about everything and anything. She can make me laugh and she can make me cry. If I go more than two days without talking to her I feel like something is missing.I’m so thankful that my sister is also my best friend. Who is “the one” for you? Not sure? Read the signs below. I’m betting you will figure it out fairly quickly.

The One

Remembering the Orange this Christmas

Posted by on Dec 22, 2015

Christmas orange

My girls and I read this just last night when we heard of a friend who has recently gone through something very painful and our hearts ached for her loss. I wanted to share. You may have heard it like our family, but we open the Holiday Season each year reading it and giving one another an orange so we may never forget the power of the human heart when it is kind.

However elusive the Christmas message may seem some years, I always take great comfort in the story of a little orphan boy whom we shall refer to as Jake. Jake was one of the ten residents of a lonely orphan’s home. There was very little to eat. It was seldom very warm in the wintertime, for fuel was expensive. But at Christmastime there always seemed to be a little more to eat and the home seemed to be a little warmer, and it was a time for more than the usual enjoyment.

On Christmas morning each child received an orange. It was the only time of the year that such a rare item was provided and it was coveted by each child like no other thing they possessed. They would save it for several days; admiring it, feeling it, loving it, and contemplating the moment when they would eat it. Some would keep their orange until New Year’s Day or later. Oftentimes it would start to dry out and shrivel before they ate it.

This Christmas Day Jake had broken a rule of the home in some matter and his punishment was loss of his orange. After a year of waiting for this rare occasion, and this most desired of all rewards, it was to be denied. Jake’s pleading was to no avail. Although the offense was rather minor, still it was an infraction of the rules.

Jake spent Christmas Day empty and alone. It even seemed the other children didn’t want to associate with a person who didn’t have an orange.

Nighttime arrived and this was the worst of all. Jake could not sleep. Silently he sobbed thinking that this year he would not have an orange to cherish with the other boys. A soft hand placed on Jake’s shoulder startled him momentarily and an object was quickly shoved into his hands. The giver disappeared into the darkness, leaving Jake with something that looked like an orange. Not a regular orange, smooth and shiny, but a special orange. Inside a patched-together peel were the segments of nine other oranges, making one whole orange for Jake! The nine other children in the orphanage had each donated one segment of their own precious orange to make a whole orange.

Nine oranges would have to be eaten today instead of saving them for later.

Jake held in his little hands the true meaning of Christmas, the ultimate gift, a touch of human kindness. It wasn’t delivered in a fancy package or tied with a bow. It came in the quiet hours of the night and nothing was expected in return. This simple gift was given with genuine love and a silent whisper what others care.

This holiday season, may we, like the children in the orphanage, find ways to help one another and share the true love of the season.


To you and yours,

Happy Holidays.

Get Peace of Mind Faster With AmWell + Get Your First Visit FREE!

Posted by on Nov 20, 2015

Amwell_3DevicesThis post in sponsored by Amwell. The doctor visit is real and my opinions are real. 

I still remember watching Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman with my Mom back in the day. It may have been a bit of “I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR” mentality which led us to loving the show so much, but really? This lady was a walking hospital! Dr. Quinn had to literally go to the people in order to help treat them. Whether it was a common cold, or something much more serious…which were always our favorite episodes since it usually involved Dr. Quinn’s love interest, Sully…Sigh….

However fast forward..er..a few years and we have something MUCH more convenient, and it utilizes the modern technology we have in our day and age. We have Amwell!! Amwell makes it easy for you to talk to doctors, immediately, from your home. Don’t have a computer? Use your i-pad. Don’t have an i-pad? Use your i-phone. Don’t have an i-phone? Call from your home phone! See where I’m going with this? Simply log on to a computer from the convenience of your own home, or call 1-844-SEE-DOCS (1-844-733-3627) to connect with board-certified doctors in your area. These physicians are the REAL DEAL

Here are some reasons to use Amwell.

  1. Lower cost. Consumers expect online visits to be cost-savers; with in-office visits costing $82 for first-time patients according to the Healthcare Blue Book, Amwell offers a $49 physician visit – a savings of $33. Great option for students in college looking for cost-effective healthcare or those between jobs and without insurance.
  2. Accessibility. After hours, on weekends and in the middle of the night (24/7/365) availability. Great for those who do have transportation or when you don’t feel well enough to drive and those who are newly relocated and don’t have providers yet.
  3. Convenience. Consumers are looking for a faster appointment. Now they don’t need to schedule an appointment nor do they need to wait to be seen, especially if on vacation or business travel. The doctor can be seen from the comfort and convenience of their own home.
  4. Quick prescriptions. Consumers would rather have an online video visit than an in-office visit on average, this is a way to obtain common primary care prescriptions.
  5. Peace of mind. Rather than self-diagnosing or visiting a social forum for medical advice, users can obtain second opinions directly from board certified, licensed doctors.


So I decided to try this out for myself and the timing could not have been better. I was at work when I received the dreaded call from my daughter’s school. “Your child is sick and is requesting to be picked up.” So off I went to get her. Blood shot eyes, fever and she complained of a tremendous headache which was making her see double…hmmm. Not good. So I got on the phone and called Amwell. Immediate response. Immediate drop in my blood pressure from the anxiety that follows your child being sick.

I initially tried the online version, but my computer I was on did not have the camera capabilities. I was a bit disappointed, thinking I would not get my session. WRONG! Just give them a call. They make it so accessible for any type of technology- and it worked like a charm. Because I did not need a prescription, the Doctor I spoke with even gave me a call and left a msg to make sure that I was followed up with. That is some GREAT customer service right there!

After filling out my medical history, which I must say is the best way I have seen! You just glance and click only on those ailments that pertain to you. Click. Click. Click. And you are done!

Amwell doc

I got on the line with Angela Long, a Primary Care Physician and I immediately felt at ease. I was able to get my questions answered, and she assured me that I was doing the right thing by giving my daughter Tylenol and making sure she was getting plenty of rest. I also was given the idea of perhaps getting her eyes looked at- perhaps asking her school the results of her last eye test? Maybe it’s time she had some glasses? I never thought of that!

Ready to try it out for yourself? Just use coupon code: BEWELL9 to get your first visit with an Amwell doctor FREE!


Start Your Morning Off Right With New Atkins Harvest Trail Bars

Posted by on Oct 27, 2015

Atkins harvest trail bars

Granola bars are something that I love to have around the house. They are perfect for crazy, can’t find your shoes, or homework, or car keys kind of mornings. I’m a simple kind of girl. I don’t want a lot of candy and/or processed products in my granola bars. So, while I wasn’t a huge fan of all the “extras” included in the bars we used to buy, they fulfilled their purpose.

A couple weeks ago I was contacted and asked to give Atkins Harvest Trail Bars a try.  I was really excited when I read about the ingredients.  Sorry. But when I think all natural, the first thing that comes to mind is tasteless. So I was a little concerned about that. When my package arrived I ripped it open and to my excitement, there were multiple flavors to choose from. You aren’t just stuck with a “one kind fits all tastes,” you have multiple to choose from. The bars come in four flavors — all offering a simpler, low-carb snack with less sugar and lower carbohydrates than traditional nutritional bars– including Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel, Dark Chocolate Cherry & Nuts, and Vanilla Fruit and Nut. The bars are full of good ingredients, including nuts as the first ingredient, and contain NO artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or sugar alcohols. Taking all my options in, it didn’t take me long to decide. I knew that the dark chocolate sea salt caramel was meant for me. My oldest chose the dark chocolate peanut butter, and my six year old snagged the vanilla fruit & nut.

Atkins Harvest Bars

It was love at first bite.  My boys were so thrilled with their choices that it was hard to get their little paws off the bars so I could sample the other flavors. To my surprise, I liked all of the flavors! I’m not usually a big fan of cherry chocolate, but with these Atkins bars it’s subtle enough that I still love it! Has my opinion about all natural been changed? Yep. Do I now have a go too snack for the days that I can’t even remember if I ate or not? Sure do. Are they good enough that I think I will be buying more of these bars? Definitely!!

What flavor would you want to try first?

Atkins Harvest Bars

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own.