Holiday Gift Guide for Teens & Tweens 2017

Posted by on Nov 29, 2017

Big Life Journal

Packed with stories, poems, quotes, illustrations and writing prompts, this guided journal is the world’s first growth mindset book created specifically for children. Growth mindset activities help children to recognize their ability to learn and motivates them to harness the power of their own mind. It helps children learn to embrace challenges, to persevere, and how to grow from feedback. Through stories children will get inspired by failures and successes of people like Elon Musk, J.K. Rowling, Walt Disney, and others. Our guided children’s journal is broken down into 26 weeks with each week covering a new theme or topic.

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Hard Candy Makeup

LOL Surprise Doll

Lil Sisters Series 2 Lets Be Friends Mystery Pack Wave 2

These little surprise balls are one of the “it” toys this year! Some are bath bombs that dissolve in the tub. Some are just little balls full of joy. But really, they have different dolls and accessories in them. My 4 year old has been asking for them almost non-stop! But my nieces have been talking about them too! That’s why I included them in the older kids category.

Smart Kids Only

Take your robot building smarts to the next level with the Advanced 14 in 1 Do-it-Yourself Solar Robot Kit. This solar powered robot kit can be transformed into 14 different modules. The robot modes include vehicles and bugs all in cartoon comic robot style. Movement is powered by solar panel and speed is determined by the intensity of sunlight it receives.

The 4 in 1 Solar Powered DIY Robot Kit is designed to allow children to use their imagination to assemble the parts into different creative combinations. This kit develops a love for engineering, science, and technology in the most fun and enjoyable way. Your kids will love to learn!

Holiday Gift Guide for Him 2017

Posted by on Nov 29, 2017

Collector’s Case

Mystery Geek Boxes for the Collector in You! Exclusive T-Shirts, Celebrity Autographs and more.

Start your collection of exclusive t-shirts, celebrity autographs and licensed pop culture products delivered every month to your door. #ChasetheCase

Assassin’s Creed

Ancient Egypt & dash : home of colossal pyramids, gilded tombs, tyrannical god-kings, and the origin story of the Assassins. As Cleopatra empire crumbles, the birth of the Assassin’s Brotherhood will lead to an extraordinary shift of the world order. Along your journey, the mysteries of Ancient Egypt will be revealed. Assassin Creed Origins uncovers the beginning of the Brotherhood. Fight in epic battles, master a completely reinvented combat system, and explore the entirety of Egypt. With the all-new quest system, complete missions in any order you choose, and follow your own path to greatness.

Home8 Security

  • Home8 is a leading mobile-interactive, video-verified, integrated home, enterprise, and care Total-protection platform solution and service provider
  • The Total-protection platform covers connected security, safety, video, care, energy, and automation control under one mobile app
  • The Total-protection “system of systems” cloud-app offers collaborative video-verification, in-view local 1st-responder calling, secure video privacy and user control for priority emergency response and the utmost peace of mind
  • Zero-pairing plug-n-play system setup and expansion
  • Affordable starter kit systems with easily expandable add-on devices
  • Home8 offers free comprehensive basic Total-protection service

Holiday Gift Guide for Kids 10 & Under 2017

Posted by on Nov 29, 2017

Pokemon Petite Pals

Time for a forest vacation with all your friends! You can decorate the walls, accessorize, and set the place up the way you want. Spend some quiet time on the swing; get your packages up thanks to the manual elevator. All is ready for your Pokémon to have a relaxing time. Includes 3 figures, multiple accessories and a fairytale tree house playset.

Aurora Gift Stuffed Animals

Aurora is known in the industry for its incredibly high quality products, range of diverse offerings and competitive pricing. In addition, Aurora owns its manufacturing facilities and prides itself in their expansive distribution resources and in-house research and development teams.

John Deere Mega Wheels

For the first time, Monster Treads have expanding tires! Take the action to the next level by pressing down on the cab to expand the super tough tires to be even tougher! Suitable for ages 3 years and up. Produced by TOMY and officially licensed by John Deere.

Cat Apprentice Machine Maker

Take on a truly daring challenge with the CatApprentice Machine Maker by using hundreds of pieces to put together a wheel loader, excavator or dump truck! This set also includes a realistic screwdriver and a reusable tool box that also functions as a carrying case.

Thomas R/C

When you’re done building, hop aboard the Thomas Stop & Go R/C! This R/C features realistic train noises and Thomas phrases with just the push of a button! Just watch as Thomas comes alive with a realistic train conductor and the plastic steam changes colors as he chugs along. Go on grand adventures with your favorite blue engine!

Flip Zee Girls!

Say hello to the Flip Zee Girls! Each girl is two dolls in one and features colorful, wacky hair, a beautiful dress and a unique personality. Choose from Zara Flower, Zabrina Ballerina, Zandy Candy, Zoey Bear, Zana Strawberry and Zuri Cat.

Holiday Gift Guide for Her 2017

Posted by on Nov 29, 2017

Ring the Bells of Christmas Ornament

Each hand-painted ornament is beautifully packaged in a satin-lined hinged gift box and has an adjustable tassel cord for displaying on a Christmas tree or a stand.

An Old Fashioned Christmas Crafted by artist: Dona Gelsinger
A grinning snowman standing before a festively decorated holiday home represents the fun and frolic of Christmases past, while a nostalgic streetlight on the back inspires wonderful holiday memories.

Ring The Bells of Christmas Crafted by artist: Sandy Clough
Ring in the holidays with this stunning trio of brass bells set against a crimson red background. Perfect for musicians and music lovers.

Woodland Christmas Crafted by artist: Sarah Summers
A lovely community of forest friends admires a nature-made Christmas tree. Inspires gratitude for all of God’s glorious creatures.

Good Tidings, Joy and Good Will Craft by artist: Susan Winget
Words of inspiration are hand painted in elegant gold script near cheerful cardinal friends perched and poised among colorful holly and berries to welcome all the splendor of the holiday season.

Snow Much Fun Cookie Jar

A smiling snowman with sweet Precious Moments eyes holds favorite holiday treats while a friendly cardinal perches happily on the brim of his charming top hat-shaped lid. Ceramic. Holds 2.5 quarts.

Juvalips Lip Plumper

Juvalips was designed and manufactured in the US by top engineers to provide great results and prevent the damage of other lip plumping options. Our vacuum is specifically calibrated to pull hard enough for results, but gentle enough to prevent lip damage. The device is also on a 60 second timer to prevent over use. The soft contoured mouthpiece is ergonomically designed to distribute pressure evenly across the lips for a natural plump look and to prevent bruising. It can safely be used multiple times in a row. There are a few benefits to that. First, you can work your way up from 1 to multiple treatments incrementally. Second, when you find how many times it takes to get the desired plumping, and you can do that each time. Third, it gives your lips a break every minute. The break helps prevent bruising and improve results. Vacuum suction has been shown to cause collagen biosynthesis and has been used in spas as a recovery and anti-aging treatment for hundreds of years. Short term results last for several hours(4-10). Long term results from continued use last much longer.

Cubbie Lee Toys: Make Memories That Last!

Posted by on Nov 20, 2017

You know those toys that you know are going to last forever? The ones that spark the imagination AND hold up to wear and tear? Yeah, these are those toys. I LOVE Cubbie Lee Toys! These toys are gorgeous and definitely high quality!

Each of the pieces we received were super easy to put together (if any assembly was required at all). The desserts & stands are adorable, well painted, and sturdy for years of fun to come. I love the variety and bright colors, the details are simple and pleasing to the eye, and the desserts are the perfect size for small hands to hold.

These are the toys my daughter gravitates to day after day. Because the possibilities are endless. There are no batteries to replace, no switches to turn on, she is only limited by her imagination. Which means I win too. Because imagination? Definitely not used enough anymore. I couldn’t be happier with these lovely toys. And I know you will love them too!


When Cubbie Lee’s founders, Zach and Sarah Lee, had their first child, they quickly became aware of how difficult it was to get good, quality toys that were affordable.

Rather than filling the nursery with flashy, plastic toys that broke easily, they wanted toys that would last. They wanted toys that provided both educational value and heaps of fun for their little one (and their other two children that soon followed!).

It was on one of these searches that Zach and Sarah decided to take matters into their own hands, and the Cubbie Lee Toy Company was born (the name comes from their much loved family dog). Today, Zach and Sarah work with a team of toy-lovers, to bring the finest wooden toys to parents around the US.

Adorable BRIO Toys Perfect For Any Occasion!

Posted by on Apr 17, 2017

I remember as a young girl asking my mom for a puppy for my birthday. And, well every holiday. Because what little kid doesn’t want her own puppy, right? Now as a mom with a daughter I can see the days of the puppy headed my way. While our family is not quite ready to jump down that rabbit for a third time (losing our other dogs was pure heartache). Enter these adorable BRIO toys.

The BRIO Large Dachsund is perfect for the dog lover in your life.  And, basically for all the kids in your life. My 3, 8, and 10 year old all absolutely love it. My only problem? We only own one. So there is a bit of fighting over who’s turn it is.

The BRIO Light & Sound Firetruck is perfect for your little preschooler. It’s super easy to use and little hands can navigate everything by themselves. It comes with the train, wagon, and driver with moveable arms and legs. This little truck will entertain your preschooler for hours. And the only sound you are likely to hear? Giggles and Squeals!

And for the toddler in your life? Yep. There is something for them too of course! The BRIO My First Bring Along Railway Set will take you back to your childhood while still entertaining your own children. I absolutely ADORE this little set and it is now my new favorite baby shower gift.

And for the bigger kids? Of course there are options for them as well! The Krazy Wordz game from Ravensburger was a HUGE hit with my older boys. And not only them, but the adults as well. We had so much fun playing it and my kids are begging me for another game night so they can pull it out again.

Precious Moments Luffie the Lamb – Perfect for Easter

Posted by on Apr 13, 2017

Snuggies. Lovies. Pets. We call them a lot of things in my house. But one thing you can be sure of. We have A LOT of stuffed animals. They are found in every corner, on every bed, in every play chest of my kids’ room. They are like little members of the family. Each one bringing the fun of choosing a new name and filling yet another space that was left vacant.

Being a self-proclaimed connoisseur of stuffed animals, I have seen a lot of stuffed animals come and go. Those that were not so well made and those that I have had since I was my kids age and my kids are still playing with them. I would put Precious Moments Stuffed Animals at one of the top of my list.

Soft and baby safe, each Precious Moments 8.5″ plush has an inspirational tag that communicates its special message and name. Approximately 8.5 inches tall, they are very soft. The embroidered features ensure that they are baby safe. Great gifts for babies, children and anyone you love in your life. Luffie Lamb is “Heaven’s Blessings”

My little miss was beyond excited to be able to snuggle up with this Precious Moments Luffie the Lamb. She’s super cuddly soft and adorable. She was promptly named Heart Lovie and was placed gently into bed. I have no doubt this little Lamb will be a part of our family for quite some time.

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Her, Him, and Kids & Family

Posted by on Feb 9, 2017

It’s that time of year again! Time for love, kisses, and happy thoughts. So we have rounded up our favorite products and ideas for YOU! This should make it a bit easier for you to get a gift for that special someone, no matter what your budget is.

Valentine’s Gift Guide for Her

Valentine’s Gift Guide for Him

Valentine’s Gift Guide for Kids & Family

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Him

Posted by on Feb 8, 2017

The men in our lives are so hard to buy for. I know that I struggle as well as my readers so having someone else give me ideas? Yeah, I’m all for that.

Kindle HD10 – Fire HD 10 features a widescreen 1280 x 800 high definition display with over a million pixels (149 ppi) for a bright, vivid picture. Enjoy a great viewing experience with wide viewing angles, less glare, blacker blacks and more brightness thanks to a fully laminated IPS (in-plane switching) LCD display.

Cinemark gift card – This is a no brainer, right? We all love a good movie. But even better, we love a date night! So add this to your list and you can relax in the luxury loungers, cuddle up with the Cinemark blankets, and have an awesome night out! Plus, enter to win a date night prize pack!

Adore Me Lingerie – I really debated which list this one should go on. It could work for him or her. But, ultimately I decided that mostly we put that little something on more for him, than for us. So it ended up on the him guide.

If you want to get a little more racy with your gift, you can head to Adore Me and get some lingerie for just $19.95! They have sets, baby dolls, corsets, and more. Plus, if you choose to keep getting sets you will always get your 5th one free!

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Her

Posted by on Feb 1, 2017

My absolute favorite gift idea this year is a bouquet from eco flower! Prices start at $34.99 for a full bouquet and they will last forever! I have two bouquets at my house so far and I absolutely LOVE them both! And I especially love that they aren’t going to wilt and fade and need to be thrown away in a day or week. They will last forever!

Eco Flower sells unique bouquets that are made out of recycled and sustainable materials, such as book pages, brooches, burlap, music sheets, pallet wood, pine cones, and sola wood. Their bouquets last forever and are individually scented with fragrances such as black raspberry vanilla, Egyptian lavender or Japanese cherry blossom. Use coupon code: LOVE25 to save 25% off your purchase!

Vellabox: Artisan Candles Delivered to Your Door Monthly
The feeling of a warm and inviting home comes from two things, lighting and fragrance.A few candles placed strategically can transform a space into a great room. Bliss. The ultimate comfort experience. When you receive your first Vellabox your senses will awaken. We curate a perfect combination of the highest quality candles and handpicked products that complement your candle – Non-toxic, lead free, hand poured, from the best companies in the country. Indulgence delivered to your door every month. From the finest American artisans to you.
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The Aquarium Kisses and Fishes is back, and there are two nights to choose from. Celebrate your love on Saturday, February 11 or Tuesday, February 14, Valentine’s Day.

This date night includes a table for two with a gourmet dinner, live music, a fun photo op, and a chance to see the Aquarium at night without the crowds. Join us for a relaxing evening at the Aquarium with your special someone.