Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Her, Him, and Kids & Family

Posted by on Feb 9, 2017

It’s that time of year again! Time for love, kisses, and happy thoughts. So we have rounded up our favorite products and ideas for YOU! This should make it a bit easier for you to get a gift for that special someone, no matter what your budget is.

Valentine’s Gift Guide for Her

Valentine’s Gift Guide for Him

Valentine’s Gift Guide for Kids & Family

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Him

Posted by on Feb 8, 2017

The men in our lives are so hard to buy for. I know that I struggle as well as my readers so having someone else give me ideas? Yeah, I’m all for that.

Kindle HD10 – Fire HD 10 features a widescreen 1280 x 800 high definition display with over a million pixels (149 ppi) for a bright, vivid picture. Enjoy a great viewing experience with wide viewing angles, less glare, blacker blacks and more brightness thanks to a fully laminated IPS (in-plane switching) LCD display.

Cinemark gift card – This is a no brainer, right? We all love a good movie. But even better, we love a date night! So add this to your list and you can relax in the luxury loungers, cuddle up with the Cinemark blankets, and have an awesome night out! Plus, enter to win a date night prize pack!

Adore Me Lingerie – I really debated which list this one should go on. It could work for him or her. But, ultimately I decided that mostly we put that little something on more for him, than for us. So it ended up on the him guide.

If you want to get a little more racy with your gift, you can head to Adore Me and get some lingerie for just $19.95! They have sets, baby dolls, corsets, and more. Plus, if you choose to keep getting sets you will always get your 5th one free!

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Her

Posted by on Feb 1, 2017

My absolute favorite gift idea this year is a bouquet from eco flower! Prices start at $34.99 for a full bouquet and they will last forever! I have two bouquets at my house so far and I absolutely LOVE them both! And I especially love that they aren’t going to wilt and fade and need to be thrown away in a day or week. They will last forever!

Eco Flower sells unique bouquets that are made out of recycled and sustainable materials, such as book pages, brooches, burlap, music sheets, pallet wood, pine cones, and sola wood. Their bouquets last forever and are individually scented with fragrances such as black raspberry vanilla, Egyptian lavender or Japanese cherry blossom. Use coupon code: LOVE25 to save 25% off your purchase!

Vellabox: Artisan Candles Delivered to Your Door Monthly
The feeling of a warm and inviting home comes from two things, lighting and fragrance.A few candles placed strategically can transform a space into a great room. Bliss. The ultimate comfort experience. When you receive your first Vellabox your senses will awaken. We curate a perfect combination of the highest quality candles and handpicked products that complement your candle – Non-toxic, lead free, hand poured, from the best companies in the country. Indulgence delivered to your door every month. From the finest American artisans to you.
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The Aquarium Kisses and Fishes is back, and there are two nights to choose from. Celebrate your love on Saturday, February 11 or Tuesday, February 14, Valentine’s Day.

This date night includes a table for two with a gourmet dinner, live music, a fun photo op, and a chance to see the Aquarium at night without the crowds. Join us for a relaxing evening at the Aquarium with your special someone.

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Kids & Family 2017

Posted by on Jan 31, 2017

Personalogy Family Fun Card Game – The Laugh-out-loud Discovery Game for the Whole Family

There are so many great ways to occupy your kids and help them to use their minds. Personalogy is one of our new faves. A Laugh-out-loud discovery card game for the family (ideal for kids 7-11). Brings families together instantly – the playful, heart-warming and silly questions gets everyone talking, laughing and having fun! Questions have multiple choice answers to make it easy for kids. Play at family meals or game night.Discover something new about your family. perfect for birthday or holiday parties, family gatherings, A perfect antidote for traveling with kids, road trips, and plane rides. The speciality box is designed to be small enough to put in your purse, backpack or glove box. Cards are the same size as a regular deck of playing cards. Many of the questions were co-created by kids 7-11. Three ways to play, with or without points and can be played in teams. 122 fun, silly, laugh-out-loud and memorable questions and even more surprising answers. Made Amazon’s Best Sellers Top 100 Card Games for 2015! Enjoy! Learn more on Purchase on Amazon: Family Edition / Party Edition

Aquarium MembershipSnag a family membership to the Living Planet Aquarium for about the cost of three visits!

Gemmies Crystal CreationsGemmies are the next evolution of the popular 3D beading craft. Following a simple process, kids clip Gemmies crystals to elastic rings then join completed rings to create a 3D sparkling creation! Design templates are intuitive and use a repetitive pattern that lets kids develop their cognitive abilities and progress to designing their own creations.

Special Notes – This is probably my favorite way to celebrate the holiday each year. It’s so simple and easy. And my kids look forward to it every year! All you do is get hearts (or any shape, really) and write things you like about your kids. Then stick them to their doors or wherever they will see them easily and wait for the smiles.

AIRY: Take a Deep Breath!

Posted by on Dec 19, 2016

Questions. Questions. Questions. This is something my kids NEVER run out of. The other day they must have been learning a bit about the environment, because my son came home wanting to know everything I knew (and what I didn’t know) about carbon dioxide. She was rather upset that we did not have huge trees growing in our yard to help suck up the bad air and give back the good. We talked about how plants and trees help us and how we need to really have more in the house as well as outside.

Well. Fast forward a few weeks later and I was SO excited to tell her we now were helping the environment with our very one AIRY!

Plants purify the air. The NASA discovered: This is happening up to 90% via the roots of plants. AIRY is the first plant pot to ventilate the root system. As a result, plants that grow in an AIRY pot can absorb pollutants up to 8 times as much as in conventional plant pots.

The AIRY pot does exactly what my son was wanting from me and we get to have our own little tree INSIDE to love and feed with all our carbon dioxide. The idea of the AIRY is absolutely amazing. I love the idea of the root system absorbing even MORE of the bad air that we are breathing out. That means more pollutants are being absorbed, feeding the plant while they feed us the good air.  Just makes me want to take a big, deep breath every time I think about it! We love the way this looks in our home. We have had a lot of compliments on the “look” and when my son hears his “cue” he immediately is our own little infomercial telling everyone about how our AIRY is the best thing ever and if you want to breath good air like we do, you had better get one. If you want to breath better, if you want your kids to breath better, if you want to teach your children how to be good to the environment, then the AIRY is for you. If you just want a super cute pot for your plant? BINGO. Take a deep breath…and go get yours!

Brio & Ravensburger: Learning & Fun in One!

Posted by on Dec 19, 2016

We go to work, we come home. It’s a pattern we follow and our kids watch us do each day. If your littles are like mine, they love to pretend play with what they see. An excellent version of pretend play with home and work is in the BRIO Playsets. These BRIO playsets are TOUGH. They will handle the sometimes not so gentle hands of your littles, take a beating and keep on providing hours of entertainment and learning. Let your little go from their BRIO Family Home Playset to work at the BRIO Central Fire Station!

BRIO Family Home Playset

  • Welcome to the BRIO Family Home, a modular play house. Build it according to suggestions in the included brochure or customize – the modules in plastic and wood offer lots of options
  • It comes with interior details and characters, creating a unique social play focus around real life situations for your child to engage in
  • Fully compatible with all BRIO wooden railway sets
  • Product Size is 17.5″ x 5″ x 10.5″
  • For Ages 3+

BRIO Central Fire Station

  • Engage in role play with this elaborate fire station
  • One truck has light/sound functionality for extra action. Comes with 2 LR44 batteries
  • Fully compatible with all BRIO wooden railway sets
  • Product Size is 10.75″ x 7.5″ x 9.5″
  • For Ages 3+

 My kids are NOT easy on their toys. My delight in both the Brio Family Home Playset and Central Fire Station was the durability. I would much rather put in a bit more out of my pocket and have it last than hear the breakdowns of my littles when their beloved toy breaks after a few minutes of play. You will NOT have that problem with Brio. The pieces are wooden, the paint is vibrant and the attention to detail is amazing. So let them play! You never know who they will be!

And if your little decides they need a bit more excitement in their life, then introduce them to the Ravensburger Science X Smartscope Science Kit! With kids, what they want to be when they grow up can change by the minute! Let them explore the science and see if they will be the next great inventor! The best part is you use what you see in Nature!

Ravensburger Science X Smartscope Science Kit

  • Explore the amazing world of microscopic with Smart scope
  • Take pictures of magnified objects to share with your friends or stream them to your big screen TV
  • No app download or in app purchases
  • Features: 2 magnification levels, removable light source and travel pouch
  • Smartphone or tablet required (not included!)

The great thing about this Smartscope Science Kit, is the shareable factor. You don’t even need to buy or download an app to have it either. My son put it directly on the big screen of the TV to display what he had created with his “scientific mind”. It was fun to watch and things you see at a distance were brought “up close and personal and magnified”. Something just like a “real” scientist would do. This is a great learning tool as well. Send your kids on their own nature adventure as they bring something back to put in the kit. You just collect something from Nature or near you, activate the camera on your smartphone or tablet and the Smartscope will magnify your object. Talk about up close and personal! Get your kids into Nature and watch what they bring back! FYI- beware of bugs…they are a popular one with my boys.

Our Generation Dolls: Make a Bestie for Life

Posted by on Dec 19, 2016

Most girls have a doll…or five that they use for pretend play. It is the same at my house. They play tea party, they play school, they play mommy, the list goes on and on. And HAS been going on for years. It seems dolls and littles grow together and it is no exception at my house. My girls have one doll in particular that is the “go to” doll for them. Our Generation dolls. They are the BEST! These dolls are not only large (18 inches) but very “real like”.  The hair, the eyes, the soft body with plastic limbs, makes them perfect to contort and fit into the many play items you can find to go with your littles pretend play!

When my little was able to get her first Our Generation® Deluxe Doll – Lily Annait was like Christmas morning for ME to watch her face and she loved on that doll. Lily Anna comes with the cutest outfit and the detail is great! Then to see her reaction as she was able to have some fun accessories and toys to keep her doll company? Well. GAME ON. What is a horsegirl without her horse? Our Generation® Holiday Clydesdale Horse and Accessories fixed that for us. Our Holiday Clydesdale Hose even had its own house-the Horse Barn – Our Generation

Not only are these toys and accessories well made, but they are a DEAL. Your little will love pretend playing with her doll and horse. I love that the pieces are not too tiny- so you can let even your littlest of littles play with them. The hair is nice and can be styled (and the horse too!) and there are SO many other accessories, clothes, and even mini dolls you can pick up to add to you ever growing Our Generation doll collection. One of my favorite things about Our Generation, is the books that go along with the dolls. I love that my girls can learn about their own personal doll and hear “her story”. Fun for them, fun for Mom to watch them read! It’s a win-win! So go find “your” Our Generation doll. You will have a new bestie for life!

Fright Factory: Keeps the Scary Outside and the Fun Inside

Posted by on Dec 19, 2016


Remember me saying how girly my girls were? Well. Don’t get me wrong. They LOVE some getting dirty, being scared and all the creepy crawlies that they find in our backyard…. their mother? Not so much.

I have come to a compromise with the creepy crawlies in allowing my children to create their own with FRIGHT FACTORY. It keeps the scary outside and the FUN inside.

Make scary 3D creations with Fright Factory™! Use the special light curing EwwGoo™ gel to fill creepy molds and then flash them with the eerie light from the Fright Factory Creature Creator. Kids can create insects, reptiles, rats, bats and more! Fright Factory™ uses ultra-safe LED light to develop your creations. Gels are quick curing, non-toxic and kid friendly.


So when my girls are done with adding bling to our lives, they can easily switch to adding some fright! The gel was not messy and easy to work with. The last thing any mom needs is more mess! My favorite part about this? You only use light to make these creations some “alive”. You don’t have to use any heat, which makes the mom in me feel MUCH better and the gel is non-toxic and kid friendly. So I do not have to worry about my children all the sudden gaining super powers or extra abilities due to some exposure to toxic waste!

You just fill up your creepy mold, use sage LED light to create the rubbery stubstance, and presto- change. You are now the proud owner of your own creepy crawly creation!  Go get your fright on with FRIGHT FACTORY– it’s the most FUN way to be scared!

Lugz Boots: Come. To. Mama

Posted by on Dec 19, 2016

If you were to ask any of my friends what my vice in this life is…they would immediately say shoes. Boots in particular. I KNOW boots. I LOVE boots. I MUST HAVE boots. I would like to say it is simply due to the ever changing weather we have where I live. Eluding to the fact that I must not only have boots that are functional but stylish for work at the same time. I would like to say that if I don’t fill that space in my shoe rack with another pair of cute, I mean fully functional and economic boots, that I will be denying a pair a home…but nothing seems to convince me not to buy them. I simply love boots! And LUGZ boots? Come to Mama!

The Women’s Flirt Hi Zip is your everyday go-to boot and a fashionable take on the classic workstyle boot. This mid height boot with outside zip features a chunky leather wrapped wooden logger heel, and a padded tongue and collar with a flexastride memory foam insole for added comfort.

  • Permahide upper
  • Padded tongue & collar
  • Flexastride molded memory foam insole
  • Side zipper & speed hooks

LUGZ brand boots have always been a fave of mine. I may or may not have a few adorning my shoe rack at home. It was Christmas on a Tuesday when I had the opportunity to try on yet another pair. And these beauties were IT!


You won’t hear a complaint from me regarding these boots. I know people have that breaking in period with boots, you know, when the boot is getting to know your foot. Sometimes this “process” can lead to some painful blisters, or rubs. NOT in these babies! I was SO happy that our introduction to one another was smooth and it was all I could do to keep my head UP instead of looking DOWN at my pretties. Is it weird that I LOVE that sole. I love the rugged look of them, when wearing with jeans and a flannel, yet, I wore with a cute short dress and jean jacket and lived the 90’s all over again. 90210 forever people!!

They have memory foam so they will literally be “YOUR” boots after only a short time wearing them. You will LOVE the look and LOVE the compliments you get- yes. Even when wearing a look from the 90’s. Not a 90’s kid? These boots are so versatile it doesn’t matter what you wear, you will look fabulous. Do your feet a favor. They do a lot for you. Give them the gift of LUGZ boots. And put your best (boot) foot forward!

Aurora Gift Stuffed Animals

Posted by on Dec 19, 2016

Snuggies. Lovies. Pets. We call them a lot of things in my house. But one thing you can be sure of. We have A LOT of stuffed animals. They are found in every corner, on every bed, in every play chest of my kids’ room. They are like little members of the family. Each one brining the fun of choosing a new name and filling yet another space that was left vacant.

Being a self-proclaimed connoisseur of stuffed animals, I have seen a lot of stuffed animals come and go. Those that were not so well made and those that I have had since I was my kids age and my kids are still playing with them. I would put Aurora Gift Stuffed Animals at one of the top of my list. Aurora takes the making and loving of stuffed animals to a whole other level!

Established in 1981, Aurora World is a global leader in plush toys and high-quality gift products, and a respected leader in the character and content industry.

Aurora World offers an extensive range of branded and licensed products for children and adults. Aurora is known in the industry for its incredibly high quality products, range of diverse offerings and competitive pricing. In addition, Aurora owns its manufacturing facilities and prides itself in their expansive distribution resources and in-house research and development teams.

My kids were MORE than anxious to see what new friends were coming their way. We were introduced and welcomed friends; Wuff & Friends Nanuk, Miyoni Elk & Pacifica Turtle.


With Aurora, if you can think of it, they more than likely have it. Here is where they REALLY impressed me. I have ALWAYS wanted a husky dog and my name that I have saved for such a time? Nanuk! I couldn’t believe it. Aurora knows me! They know I want PLUSH stuffed animals for my kids, well-made materials and above all- the cuteness factor! I was highly pleased. You will have SO much fun looking at all the different animals, characters and lovies to find and make your home theirs. You might even find that one or two find their way into YOUR corner of the room!