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Is your child ready to explore the contents available on the Internet?

Being a parent, you might never consider it appropriate or safe for your child to let them freely explore the various sites accessible on the Internet. These days, every other kid wants to own a personal smartphone and to enjoy an unrestricted, uninterrupted digital life. They literally beg their parents to let them have smartphones.

While it may completely be a parent’s own understanding that whether their child is mature enough to enjoy Internet privileges or not. Here are a few things parents need to teach their kids:

1.    Be Compassionate

When tweens and teens use social sites or messaging apps, they often don’t consider the depth of their own words. Make your child realize that if they cannot say something on a person’s face, they shouldn’t say it via text messages either. Parents need to instruct their kids to be compassionate while using online means of communication because often a simple message gets interpreted as a harsh one by the receiver.

2.    Don’t Treat the Internet as Weapon

Many teenagers upload photos of their peers without their consent to make fun of them. What children need to realize is that anything posted on social media can be misunderstood or manipulated in several different ways, therefore, children need to think twice before saying anything online. Kids usually respond as an impulse without giving much consideration to their actions. It is a parent’s duty to make sure their child doesn’t treat the Internet as a weapon to behave venomously with other kids.

3.    Don’t Trust Everyone

A photo or an information once revealed in cyberspace continues to stay in cyberspace. Your child may think that they are sharing their pictures with a single recipient but there is no guarantee to the fact that people not intended to see that pictures can easily become an audience. Make your child understand that they should never share any photo digitally which can later turn into an embarrassment for them.

How Can FamilyTime Parental Control App be Helpful for Parents?

Considering the tech-influenced era we live in, parents need to have complete control of their children’s online social life. A parental control software such as FamilyTime parental control helps parents in many ways.

Using FamilyTime app parents can:

  • Limit screen time.
  • View the list of installed apps.
  • Check App usage frequency
  • Block addicting and inappropriate apps.
  • Monitor dialed, received and missed calls.
  • Monitor Contact book.
  • Monitor text messages.
  • Watchlist suspicious contacts
  • Schedule auto lock on kid’s device.
  • Remotely lock their devices.

Want to have a detailed look on the features of the FamilyTime app and try it for free? You can. Go now to your iTunes or Google Play Store to download the app and use it for a 3-day full premium free trial.

Fill My Bucket

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Fill My Bucket

This is a guest post by Charity Martushev

Some of the most profound and amazing conversations I have ever had the privilege to be a part of have been with my six year old daughter in the minutes before she falls asleep. Each night I lay down with her for “our time”. Just a few minutes of quiet one on one time with her – the world is quiet, the room dark save a small light in the hallway and her heart and mind open up with a plethora of knowledge and truths that can only be given as a gift of sorts from the innocence of youth. Within these few precious moments, we connect and she shares with an openness I wish I could master. One such moment came recently as she has numerous times before, told me her version of how the day went.

“Today sister was not very nice to me.” “Thank you for the Popsicle you let me have for dessert tonight. It was so yummy.” “I got a good grade on my test at school.” I listened to her recount the day that for me. Well, it was not the best day for me and I had actually had a pretty “off” one. I could not have been more surprised as she paused and for no reason at all, stopped mid-sentence, leaned over to give me a hug and a kiss and said, “There Mama. I just filled your bucket.” When I could compose myself enough to choke back the tears that threatened to spill from my eyes, I asked her what she meant. She explained that when we have a bad day, or are sad for some reason that our bucket needs filling. She went on to say with a yawn that sometimes or bucket gets spilled. This happens when “You are bullied or someone says something that is not very nice.” This is when your bucket needs to be filled extra full so we have more to give to someone else.

I wish I could say that this is something my husband and I have instilled in our girls, something we often talk about. But I can’t. This sweet six year old girl of mine taught me in the few moments before bedtime that you don’t have to be an adult to teach a lesson to someone. In fact, being six and unencumbered by the burdens of everyday life and responsibility may make you the best teacher of all.

Guest Post: Give the Gift of Time

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This is a guest post by Charity Martushev.

I was chatting with a friend last night and we were commenting on the Holiday coming up and what we had left to do. I mentioned how there always seemed to be “one more thing” that I could buy my girls, one more “super deal” that was emailed me that I just HAD to get them. One more “Buy one get on free deal”,  One more “two-hour sale” that you would be CRAZY to miss, one more “lightning deal” that I would jump on my phone to see it just in case it was something I just HAD to get…Therein lays my problem. There will always be stuff. What there may not always be enough of? TIME.

I was no genius in Math while in school. Well, I take that back. Up until about 6th grade I was a rock star. I could do the basic math. However, when there started to be way more letters than numbers…in MATH?! I kinda lost interest and lost my edge. Rock star I was no longer. However, in talking with my friend, it got me to thinking about a new equation to this now Non-genius Mathematician? Makes complete sense.
Take a gift that you have been on the fence about getting for one of your kids. It could be ANYTHING. I know as parents there is always SOMETHING we could still get our kids. My girls would be thrilled if I had the desire (and the funds) to buy every single infomercial product out on the market. They ask every time a new commercial comes on…Sigh. So that would be mine.
Now try and equate the amount of time it would take you to buy such a gift. It could be merely minutes of work a day, or it could end up being a few hours of work, depending on what you do for a living, how much you make, part time or full time, etc.
Got your equation? The “gift” in question  x Amount of time it would take you working to buy it =__________. See where I’m going with this?
Instead of taking the time working to earn the gift, make THAT your gift. Stuff is just that. Stuff. Aside from a few precious toys here and there, my girls RARELY play with “stuff” from Christmas’s past and most has either gone to another home through the D.I. or not made it that far and ended up in the garbage.
So make TIME your present. The gift that keeps on giving through memories your child will have of the TIME you spent with him/her. There are SO many fun ways you could do this as a present- with a coupon book, make an I’M bored jar, wrap up a watch with a amount of time you will spend each week with them, make an activity book with a craft you do with your kids for each month of the year. You get TIME with your kids AND stuff to boot! (or give it away to the Grandparents! They LOVE grand kid stuff! 🙂
I love that we have a time of year to celebrate families, loved ones and to think of others. Maybe this year, we can substitute that last bit of “stuff” and fill it with some TIME.
Be good to each other~

Make Memories With an Advent Calendar: Guest Post

Posted by on Dec 3, 2014

advent calendar

This is a guest post from Charity Martushev.

I remember as a kid being UBER excited about getting to open a tiny little box which contained a tiny little chocolate on our tiny little advent calendar…every SIX days. Yep. With my 5 other brothers, my turn only came up every six or so days. And was I still as excited?! You BET I was!

Now that I am a mom with littles of my own, I must admit I have gone down the path of just buying those same tiny little  advent calendars with the tiny little windows and even making my kids wait their turn to get that tiny little piece of, let’s face it (that stuff is no DOVE), rather lame piece of chocolate. But no longer!
The reason why is simple. You don’t have to! There are SO many different ideas on how to make this month special for your family with and advent calendar. Need I even say the most popular? Ahem. Pinterest. Simply put your search “Advent Calendar ideas” and WHA-BAM! You are in the mecca of ways to make a new tradition for your family this Christmas.
I have been drooling over this one from Target for quite some time now, so when I had my pennies saved, I bought it! The great thing about it is, you can put in whatever you want!
  • Want a bit more of a religious theme? Put in your favorite scripture or spiritual thought.
  • Want service to be the focal point? Put in a service to do for someone else that day- our family’s favorite is paying for the car behind us when we are in a drive thru!
  • Money. Money is always good. We have a few days where our kids each get a dollar.
  • Family of Foodies? Center around the kids picking the meal for the night, making a new dessert every week, etc.

I’m telling ya- the possibilities are ENDLESS!

You don’t need to get your “dream calendar” either. Got paper? Here is a quick and easy idea to start the tradition that will build and help your family remember the season. Take a piece of paper and fold in half. You can even go so far as decorating the front. Then cut strips of smaller pieces of paper to write your advent calendar “gifts” on. Tape one inside your folded piece of paper each night and let your kids feel the excitement as they open it each morning and find out what there will be! DONE.
I gotta be honest. I don’t really remember what the calendar we had looked like aside from the little windows. But the feelings I remember? The laughs, the smiles, the warm hearts, my mom’s face as she watched while we sat around in anticipation. Just waiting for the sibling to see what shape the waxy figure trying to pull itself off as chocolate was? THAT. That I remember.
Make a new memory with your family this year. Make an advent calendar that represents your own family’s style and personality. And just think-if you only start it today? Bonus days so you can catch up! 

Key Ways to Save Money While Shopping Online

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Key Ways to Save Online Shopping

Author: Victoria Candland

Online shopping can be very tricky. Much of the time you find yourself spending way too much by accident and then the feelings of guilt ensue. In order to avoid breaking the bank, here are a few tips to help save your cash while perusing and purchasing from online stores.

Make a List and Stick to a Budget: Make a list of what you’re going to buy even before you get on your computer. This way you don’t catch yourself needlessly buying a 15th pair of flip flops or a second polka-dot umbrella even though you live in Arizona. It’s easy to get caught up in the sales and the ease of online shopping, but you must be disciplined and diligent. Stick to a strict budget.

Research Customer Reviews: It’s hard to find the right product when you can’t actually see it before you order. It might look classy and pretty in pictures, but could actually be junky and tacky when it’s delivered to you. Make sure to delve into what other people are saying about the product before you add that new camera or blender to your shopping cart. There are normally reviews on the site where the product is listed, but look at other sites for a second opinion as well.

See If Free Shipping Is Provided: Many online website merchants will provide free shipping if you pay over a certain amount. Consider purchasing one or two extra inexpensive items that you know you will use later to take you to the price needed to get free shipping. Even still, make sure to stick to your budget. Sometimes you can also get free shipping if you are a member of the site, meaning you have a profile. You might want to consider creating a profile if you frequent the website.

Use Promotional Codes and Coupons: A quick search of the web can get you several coupons and codes—you just need to invest the time into finding them. These coupons and codes are an easy way to significantly reduce the price tag of your order when you checkout. Unfortunately, many of the offers provided on coupon sites are just ads for sales and specials that lead you to another website rather than provide you with a code. You may need to do a little sifting through Google search to find real codes or coupons. If a retailer gives the option of entering a promo code when checking out, then it’s likely there are codes and coupons out there for the product.

Search Multiple Sites for the Same Product: Just like you need to do research for the promotional codes and coupons, you need to do research to find the best deal on your items. There are many deal sites that provide the lowest prices on top-brand merchandise like Nike or Tommy Hilfiger—make sure to compare several of these sites before buying your desired product.

Watch for Seasonal Sales and Clearance Bargains: You can plan purchases months in advance for big holidays like Christmas and birthdays. Add the items to your shopping cart months in advance to get the better price, but then wait to purchase—don’t click the “checkout” button yet. Check on the shopping cart each week and see if your saved items have gone down in price. Then buy the items that have gone down in price and enjoy saving money each week!

Get a Cash-back Credit Card: Many money-conscience people avoid credit cards like the plague. But if you pay back the money in full every month then you don’t have to make interest payments. Then you just reap the rewards of earning cash back every time you spend. If you’re on the fence about signing up for a credit card, remember that there is protection that comes with shopping with a credit card rather than a debit card. If something goes wrong with your purchase, a credit company is oftentimes more than happy to help you sort it out. When making the credit card decision, just make sure you do your research before choosing.

Online shopping can be a cost-effective, fun experience if done the right way—with thought, preparation, and research. Using these tips, you can become an expert on finding the best deals the web has to offer.


Victoria Candland loves finding ways to save and sharing them with others. She also loves to shop, but always with a budget in mind. She uses her professional writing skills and saving expertise to write content for Treasury Vault.

Get More Out of Your Car

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Get More Out of Car 1

Author: Alyssa Craig

According to a 2009 National In-Car study, Americans spend about two and a half hours per day in the car, which adds up to about 18.5 hours per week. That quickly accumulates to 962 hours (about 40 days) per year! If you live in a large city or have a longer commute, that time goes up even more. With all of the time spent in your car, you want to both maximize what happens while in the car, and if possible, minimize the total time spent. Here are some suggestions of how you can do just that.

Avoid Rush Hour Traffic

This may not be possible for the hard working nine to five crew, but if your schedule allows for some flexibility, choose to travel when the traffic levels are down. This will decrease your time spent on the road, as well as save on gas. If you cannot avoid rush hour, consider carpooling as a way to minimize the amount of days you have to drive your own car.

Map Out Destinations in Advance

If you have errands to run, stay in the same general part of town as much as possible to reduce driving time. You may save certain errands for certain days so as to make the most of a single trip. If you are driving to a new destination, utilize the internet to map out the best route. Many online mapping systems will give you the option of the shortest distance as well as the shortest travel time for you to choose between.

Get More Out of Car 2

Maximize Fuel Economy

Driving in the car cannot be avoided much of the time but there are things you can do to get the most out of your gasoline. A tidy car is not only a nice environment, it also helps reduce the weight of the car. Avoid carrying items in your car you do not need. Keep your car tuned up and the pressure in the tires accurate to reduce unnecessary drag. Following the speed limit can make a big difference in fuel economy, so avoid speeding. As you drive through town, start and stop gradually to reduce excessive fuel use.

Be Prepared

With more time being spent in the car, make sure you are prepared for whatever comes your way. Regularly replace your windshield wipers to give you maximum vision. Keep an emergency kit in your car that includes a first aid kit, a blanket, some dry packaged foods, an orange flag you could use to draw attention to your car and a pay per use cellphone. You may also want to protect your windshield from damaging rocks and other objects by adding ClearPlex windshield protection like this. In addition, keep a few items that may come in handy for daily use like wet wipes, an extra water bottle, and a phone charger that works in your car.

Get More Out of Car 3

Utilize Your Technology

If you are going to be in the car anyway, you may as well put it to good use. Whether you choose to use CDs or pull in your mp3 player, utilize the time you spend in your car to improve your mind. Use the time to listen to audio books, learn a new language, or catch up on current events. There are many podcasts available to download for free that discuss many different topics, so you can find something that interests you. Remember, however, to push start before you hit the road, so you do not find yourself being distracted while driving.

“Me” Time

Another option is to use your commute time to relieve some stress and practice meditation. You can listen to calming music or just turn everything off and practice breathing techniques. As you take time for yourself, you can also use this as an opportunity to transition from the stress of the work day to being in the mindset you need for your home life and/or social plans. This is a great way to leave work at work and give your other priorities the full attention they require.

Whether you are driving to work, chauffeuring kids around to school and practices, or simply going for a night out on the town, there are many reasons to be spending time in your car. While these responsibilities cannot be avoided, there are ways to make the most of your time and get the most out of your resources.

Guest Post: Big Changes on the Horizon?

Posted by on Jul 10, 2014

Big Changes - Image #3

Author: Whitney Hollingshead

Change is inevitable and whether we like it or not, we all have to embrace change frequently throughout our lives. Some changes are great. Some changes are terrible. And some changes are well, different, but relatively neutral.

Your family may be facing a major change in the coming months. Here are some specific and general tips to help you embrace the impending change:

Big Changes - Image #1


Is your family preparing for the arrival of a new baby? Whether this is your first child or your tenth, adding another member to your family will always lead to change. No matter what your backstory includes, the present and future reality is that you will have a new baby in your home. Here are a few simple tips to help you prepare for the change:

Learn to Relax – This is not only about taking time for yourself to rest as the mother-to-be, but it’s also about your attitude. The reality is you can’t do everything! (Even though you are REALLY good at managing so much.)

One father-to-be told me recently that he informed his wife that she could either have his help in getting tasks done, or she could have them done her way (which meant she’d have to do them herself). Focus on the wisdom in this approach. You really do need the help of others now and in the future, so trust them to get things done, even when they don’t do it your way. Refrain from criticizing their methods and always express sincere gratitude for their help.

Focus on the Necessities – You want the very best of everything for your baby; however, the reality is that your baby does not NEED the best of every possible thing. Keep in mind that babies grow really fast and many “extras” end up relatively unused.

If you are stressed about what you have to offer this baby, make a promise now to yourself, to the baby, and to other family members, that you will love this baby fiercely. Remind yourself often that while you don’t have answers for all of the challenges that will surely come with the birth of this child, you do know that you will love this child with the kind of love that only a mother can offer.

Remember the Feelings of Others – With all of the pregnancy symptoms and changes, it’s easy to get caught up in how much your life has changed and will continue to change. The reality is, your entire life IS changing! Give yourself more credit and then take a look outside yourself.

Bringing a new baby into your family will affect everyone. Granted, not every family member is going through pregnancy and labor personally, but they have fears, doubts, and expectations of their own to face. Take some time to talk to each family member and give them the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings. Set some goals to help each other adjust to the changes.

Big Changes - Image #2


If your family is planning a move in the near future, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

1. Do extensive research online and in person (whenever possible) until you have become an expert on your new area. The more you know upfront, the better you will be at making the right decisions for your family.

2. Get the whole family involved in the process and let your children be involved in some of your decisions. Help everyone find things to look forward to and be willing to genuinely listen when a family member expresses their concerns.

3. If your aren’t ready to sell your current home, or if you are hoping for different housing market conditions to sell, consider renting your current home instead. Is renting your home right for you? You can read more here.

4. Find or buy used boxes. The style police won’t be out to assess your move so there’s no need for brand new boxes. Make sure it’s durable and pack it up!

5. Lighten your load. Get rid of as much of your stuff as possible before you move. Take a load to a goodwill store. Hold a yard or garage sale. Give items to friends and family. If you forgot you had it, get rid of it.

6. Remember that a new house does not have to mean new everything. Certainly you will want new and nice things for your new place, but remember to focus on what you need more than what you want.


Your family may be facing a change in employment of some sort. Any change involving the employment or education of any family member will likely impact the entire family.

Here are some tips to apply to any change you may be experiencing in employment in the near future:

1. Remember it’s not just about you. Keep other family members in mind when making important decisions and recognize that a potentially good change for you could mean a major adjustment for another family member. That being said, you should still keep your needs, desires, and goals in mind, just don’t put them above all other factors.

2. Be optimistic and realistic. Keep your mind open to new opportunities and be willing to consider things you may have not considered in the past. If the change, presents new challenges, meet them with hope and confidence. Whether the change seems good or bad, having a good attitude may very well lead you to additional opportunities, and it will certainly make life at home more enjoyable for everyone. Remember that being hopeful and optimistic does not mean ignoring reality. Hoping for the best alone will not put food on the table, nor will it impress your boss without additional effort.

3. Adjust your lifestyle to your current income. If the change leads to a lower income, immediately set a new budget that matches the change and stick to it. If the change leads to a higher income, resist the urge to indulge in additional expenses and focus instead on saving more money. This will allow you to indulge a little once you are sure the change is lasting.

4. Discuss family goals and priorities. How will the change affect the day to day routines of your family members? This is a good place to start your family discussion. Talk about what changes will be required and have everyone give input on how to make the change as positive as possible.


Take a deep breath and read over the sections that apply to your family again. With a little planning and some strategic effort, you can expertly navigate the changes on your horizon.

Guest Post: Making Your Dollar Stretch: Save Money and Still Have Fun

Posted by on Jun 16, 2014

Author: Mary Kremer


Are you looking to save some money this summer but don’t want to cut out the family fun? Do you really want to make that dollar stretch? Here are some tips to help you lower your bills, get out of debt, and still have fun this summer.


Reevaluate Your Spending


If you really want to save money and become financially stable, it’s important to assess your current financial situation and make a plan. Look at your miscellaneous spending and ask yourself some questions like:

  • Where is most of my excess money going?

  • Do I eat out/go to the movies often? Can I cut that number down?

  • Am I spending too much money on retail therapy? How much money should I realistically set aside for clothing, etc.?

  • How many memberships do I have (online or otherwise)? Can I cut any out?

  • How much money is spent during travel? Could I carpool or use public transportation?


You don’t have to get rid of all the fun in order to be financially stable. You can certainly set aside money to be spend on clothes, memberships, and nights out on the town. The key is to remember that these needs are secondary. Many people spend about 3-5% of their total income a month on “fun.” You can adjust what fits your family. Just make sure your necessities come first.


Bonus Tip: One of the best ways to handle your fun money is withdraw a certain amount in cash and keep it in an envelope designated just for fun. This will help you keep track of how much money you have actually spent. When the envelope is empty, you’ve run out of fun money for the month.


Cut Down Where You Can


It’s pretty easy to cut down on your secondary expenses, but there are some simple ways to cut down on your primary expenses as well. This summer, take a few extra steps and cut down on your utilities to save money. Try:


  • Keeping the window shades drawn at high noon.

  • Closing off vents to unused rooms. It’ll take a load off your air conditioner.

  • Making sure your house is properly sealed. Check your windows and doors for caulking or weatherstripping that needs to be replaced. This will keep cool air from escaping and keep your bills down.

  • Running an overhead fan at night when it cools down, instead of using the AC.

  • Keeping your oven turned off. Eat cool meals or cook on a grill if you want something hot. It’ll be fun for the family and it will keep your house cooler.


Get Out of Debt


Is your family dealing with excessive debt? Focus on getting rid of it this summer. That debt is eating up your fun money!


Are you afraid of being eaten alive by a debt collector? Stewart Hart, of Gravitate Financial, had this advice to give to those in debt, “The best option is to explain what’s going on. Debt collectors are just trying to bridge the gap between you and the creditor and come up with the best solution to pay the money back that is owed to them. Working out payment plans or settling are the best ways for the debt to not affect the debtor’s credit and make a bad decision worse than it needs to be.”


Find Fun Alternatives


You don’t have to cut family fun to spend less money! In fact, some of the most memorable experiences your children will have will probably be on a family campout or simple activity together. To help you figure out some fun things to do, here are a few alternatives that cost little or no money:


  • Have a barbeque! That’s right, I mentioned this before, but it’s a recipe for fun in the summer. Just grab a few hotdogs and burgers, heat up the grill, and spend some time outside with the family. You can even cook s’mores over a grill by wrapping them up in aluminum foil.

  • Grab some water balloons and start a water fight in the backyard. When you get tired of chucking balloons at each other, string some up in a tree and make water pinatas.

  • Make your own slip and slide with a tarp and a hose. It’s as simple as that.

  • Plan a picnic and take your family on a hike.

  • Go for a bike ride or visit a nearby park.

  • Research local activities. In the summer, many cities host movies or concerts in the park for free. They’re a great evening for families and they don’t cost a thing.

  • If you’re looking for an inexpensive vacation, visit a national park. Entrance passes to most parks are very affordable, and many parks have certain days during the summer when the entrance fee is waived! Check out their sites for more details.

  • When you want to go out to eat, dine on coupons! Look for local deals and dine smart.


Make it a Family Business


Stay committed to your plans by involving everyone. When your youngest children ask why you won’t be going to the amusement park, explain the basics of budgeting and tell them you’ll be going on a fun hike instead. If you’re willing to face the music and stick to a plan, your family can become financially stable and still have fun along the way.


Guest Post: Five easy ways to save while visiting Utah’s Dixie!

Posted by on Oct 9, 2012

October is the perfect month to be in Utah’s Dixie!  The weather is cooling but still pleasantly warm, and there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy.   I’m often contacted through my website by visitors to St. George who ask me the best ways to save while in the St. George area, so I’ve complied five easy ways to save while visiting Utah’s Dixie.   No matter what time of year you visit St. George, use these tips to save big on your trip!


Dixie Direct Savings Guide–  For $35 you can purchase this savings card that gets you over 250 discounts for dining, beauty & spa, golf, shopping, hotel and auto, entertainment and much more (even Tuacahn deals!).   My favorite deals are the dining offers!  They are usually buy one entrée, get one free, and there are tons of restaurants to choose from.  Use this card just once or twice and it will pay for itself.  Insiders tip:  download the free Dixie Direct app on your phone to check discounts while you’re out on the town, and sign up for text alerts for additional offers – just text the word “save“ to 53535.   The new Dixie Direct guide for 2013 is available beginning November 1st at many local retailers or online.  Like Dixie Direct Savings Guide on facebook! – A website local to St. George, but the offers are not daily.   Usually offers are available for several days to several weeks.   The first time you visit the site, you will need to enter a zip code and your email address (for St. George use zip codes 84770 or 84790).   You will receive an email when there are new offers available (make sure they don’t end up in your spam folder).  There are great dining offers on this site, such as $20 vouchers for only $10.  There are also beauty and spa offers as well.   One thing I love about this site is that when you purchase an offer, you will receive an email with a QR code that you can scan on your phone to redeem your offer.  No printing needed!   Like Generoucity on facebook!


St. George– This is a daily deal site local to St. George.  They offer many beauty and spa services.  For example, this past Monday’s offer was for a pedicure and manicure half price for only $25!   Purchase your deal and your voucher is available to print right away.  I have purchased from this site with no problems.


Lexington Hotel offer – If you need lodging while in town, check out this deal being offered from City Deals.  For only $50 you get a $100 voucher for one night’s stay at the Lexington Hotel.  Rooms run around $109 a night, so essentially you get a room for half price!  This hotel is a favorite for my family to stay in when they come to St. George (they love the indoor/outdoor pool), and a full breakfast is included.  Be aware that all blackout dates are not listed in the deal, so call the hotel first if you need to book a specific date.  If you can be flexible in your travel dates, this offer is a great value.


And finally….


Follow Dixie Dollar Deals!   I share all deals in Utah’s Dixie, everything from how to get cheap Tuacahn tickets to weekly giveaways and every other great deal under the Dixie sun.  If you are visiting St. George this month, check out this post about family friendly events around Dixie in October.


I currently have two giveaways:  $20 to spend on dining at Benja’s Thai Garden Restaurant in St. George, and 2 tickets to see Thriller at Tuacahn!  Be sure to visit Dixie Dollar Deals today to enter these giveaways!


Kelly lives in St. George, Utah and writes Dixie Dollar Deals, a blog dedicated to finding the best deals to stretch your dollar in Utah’s Dixie!  She loves living in Southern Utah and exploring the great outdoors with her family.  You can follow Dixie Dollar Deals blog, facebook, twitter, or pinterest.

SL Tribune Article: Coupon Abuse

Posted by on Aug 14, 2011

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t care for the show “Extreme Coupooning” and how they depict couponing. I wanted to bring a really great article about coupon abuse and what people are doing to your attention.

Lesley Mitchell talks about people stealing from newsstands, dumpster diving for coupons, photo copying coupons, abusing store policies, and using coupons unethically. It’s definitely worth a read.