Save 15% on Christmas in Color!

Posted by on Dec 15, 2017

We all love to drive around and admire the Christmas lights during the holidays. Christmas in Color takes that beloved family tradition to a level that you’ve never experienced before. I am SO excited to check this out with my family this year!

Immerse your family in our new Christmas light drive-thru that sends you down an enchanted, winding road with almost 1,000,000 LED Christmas lights that are beautifully synched to music that is sure to get you in the holiday spirit! And this all without having to leave the comfort of your warm and cozy car!

Tickets Are On Sale Now!
Provo, Utah
South Jordan, Utah
Goodyear, Arizona.

My readers get to save! Use code “USFAMILY17” to receive 15% off tickets!

10 Ways to Save Money this Christmas

Posted by on Nov 15, 2017

Christmas is coming up fast: only 39 shopping days left! Here are our top ten ways to help you save money this Christmas. Do you have your own frugal Christmas tip to share? Let us know about it!


1. Sign up with Swagbucks!
Use Swagbucks to earn gift cards to help pay for gifts. You would be surprised how quickly you can earn gift cards. I average 2-3 $5 Amazon gift cards per month. And that’s not putting in a lot of time or effort. That means you could earn $150 or more per year for just a couple minutes a day! Not sure what Swagbucks is? Check out our Swagbucks 101 post.

2. Make a list
Make a list now of who you need to buy for and then brainstorm gift ideas. Then you can watch for deals on those gifts instead of running out on Christmas Eve to grab the present they want at a price you don’t.

3. Shop for deals!
I know this is the no brainer, right? But sometimes we get carried away getting excited to be done with our shopping and forget to shop around to find the best deal. The internet is an amazing thing. It’s super easy to research prices and find the best deal without ever leaving your house. One of our favorites for this is Amazon’s Movers and Shakers. They are updated often with the hottest deals right now and you can score big on everything including baby, Kindle, electronics, toys, and more.

4. Go homemade
I’m not necessarily super crafty. But I also don’t want to shell out big bucks for neighbor, teacher, or co-worker gifts. So instead I get my kids involved and we make cookies or cards or both and give those instead. All those receiving the gifts seem to love seeing the things from our kids and that helps me to feel like it matters. Plus, grandparents especially love these kinds of gifts.

We’ve found Pinterest to be the best source of ideas and inspiration. You can also follow our personal Pinterest boards if you so desire, but keep in mind these might not be as “professional” as the Mamas on a Dime Pinterest boards because we don’t necessarily censor ourselves there. We are more a bit more active with these though: Becky’s Pinterest and Jacki’s Pinterest.

5. Use coupons
Hello, this is a given, right? There are coupons or coupon codes all the time. Even for gift cards. We posted deals in the past where you could save 15% on iTunes gift cards. Take advantage of those types of deals. Or you can also use Gift Card Mall to get discounts on gift cards. And don’t forget to use coupons and stock up on grocery deals for dinner, breakfast, and parties for the upcoming holiday season. Crazy4Smiths is my go to site for the best grocery deals.

6. Get personal
Everyone loves pictures, scrapbooks, or maybe even unicorns. Whatever it is that your friend/relative is into, focus on that. You might be able to get a much better deal on the skillsaw your husband has been lusting after than you would on the gift card for him to buy it himself.

7. Set a budget and stick to it
It’s also a good idea to set a budget for each person. I find that when I write out my list and add up the amounts for each person I often realize just how unrealistic those amounts are. When you see the numbers written down it will make it easier to prioritize. Plus, you can make sure to stick to your budget! If you budgeted $50 for grandma don’t buy her a gift for $75 just because it’s a good deal.

8. Give Service
Instead of giving store bought gifts, give coupons for service. You could offer up babysitting, weeding a flower bed, organizing a closet, extra TV/video game time, or a million other ideas. Have fun with it and the recipient will be thrilled with the gift.

9. Picture perfect
There is nothing grandma likes better than pictures of the grandkids. Make a photo book, photo collage, or calendar and give it as a gift that will keep on giving all year long. Check out sites like Shutterfly or Artscow to look for great deals and spend very little out of pocket.

10. Buy after the Holiday for next year
As soon as the holidays are over the clearance begins. Most stores mark down holiday decor, toys and more at least 50% the day after. And the prices just keep falling from there. So head out and snag, plates, cups, and some gifts for next year at a killer deal.

10 Simple and Low Cost Saint Patrick’s Day Ideas!

Posted by on Mar 16, 2017

Deals of the Week

Here are my top deals of the week as featured on Good4Utah today. Make sure to tune in next Thursday for the new deals! And check back here every day for all the other great deals you can score. Plus, make sure to enter to win a Cinemark Prize Pack!

One of my favorite holidays is Saint Patrick’s Day. I love that you can do as little or as much as you want and it is absolutely perfect! There is no stress or pressure like on some of the other holidays. That being said, here are some of my favorite Saint Patrick’s Day ideas, crafts, and traditions.

  1. Green food coloring: This is an absolute MUST for this holiday. You can use it for so many different things. We use it to color our milk, make green pancakes or any other food, and sometimes to color our toilet water green.
  2. Lucky blocks from Heartfelt Wall Hangings: Heartfelt Wall Hangings has SO many adorable crafts at amazing prices. Snag these LUCKY blocks in a kit for just $5.50!
  3. The Lucky Leprechaun Hunt: Print this hunt or make your own! It’s super easy and you can do it with stuff you already have at your house with absolutely no preparation (my favorite) or hide the items for them to find beforehand.
  4. The Night Before Saint Patrick’s Day: We absolutely love The Night Before books and this one is just as good as the rest! It’s a must to read the night before.
  5. Rainbow & Pot of Gold craft: Another easy craft that is crazy cute. One of the amazing preschool teachers at my daughter’s school does this with her class and they LOVE it. Frankly, so do I. 
  6. Saint Patrick’s Day Would You Rather: Such a fun, silly way to enjoy the holiday. Answer questions like Would you rather catch a leprechaun or have a pet unicorn? Plus, it’s a FREE download.
  7. Green treats: Our family leprechaun always leaves a few green treats at our house. Usually a can of Sprite and some kind of green candy. If you don’t want sugar you can do a green apple and colored milk or something similar.
  8. Silly Leprechaun Tricks: When the leprechaun visits our house he plays silly tricks. They are never harmful or malicious and they are always easily cleaned up. Usually just things like leaving all the cupboard doors open, switching which drawer pants and socks are in, or turning couch cushions upside down. My kids think this is hilarious.
  9. Green Hair Spray: If you want to add a little extra green to your ensemble you can grab some green hair spray. Of course I grabbed it when it was on clearance after Halloween. That’s just how I roll.
  10. Set a Leprechaun trap: Who DOESN’T want to catch that silly leprechaun? It’s so fun to set a trap to see if you can catch that pesky little guy. We try to lure him in with gold or treats with some kind of spring to trap him when he picks them up. Sadly, we’ve had no luck so far. But that doesn’t mean we won’t keep trying!

Keep Your House Smelling Fresh All Year With Vellabox!

Posted by on Feb 1, 2017

After a day spent rushing my children to and from a plethora of activities (including school, football, and soccer), with cold air tickling my nose and an extra layer of clothes weighing me down, getting back to my comfy house is always in the back of my mind. Apparently, my home is on the minds of my friends and family too. It is not uncommon to find visitors upon my doorstep. My house feels like home to many.

The secret to a warm and inviting home is not found in an abundance of festive decor. There is no need for extravagant banners or scenes. The atmosphere of a warm and inviting home is achieved with minimal clutter (something I am constantly working on) and a modest amount of seasonal decor. Open space is inviting space. Not only is less clutter easy on the eyes, but it makes cleaning a lot simpler too.

The feeling of a warm and inviting home comes from two things, lighting and fragrance. A few candles placed strategically can transform a space into a great room. The soft flickering glow of the flame softens the room, inviting people to relax and let the tension of the day melt away. A fantastic aroma only enhances the feeling of a warm and inviting home.

There are so many candles to choose from in stores and online, it can be overwhelming to pick one and commit to it. That’s why I love the subscription box from Vellabox. The fragrances are fantastic. Plus, if you aren’t loving a smell? Just wait until the next month and get something new! They come in a great, low key, match any decor jar and your box always has an extra surprise inside. Plus, subscriptions start at only $10 a month!

This year start your candle subscription and reduce your seasonal decor for a less cluttered look. Your home will have a great atmosphere that invites friends and family to come inside and make themselves at home.

Father’s Day Deals!

Posted by on Jun 16, 2016

Deals of the Week

Here are the deals of the week as featured on Good4Utah today. Make sure to tune in next Thursday for the new deals! And check back here every day for all the other great deals you can score.

Father’s Day is on Sunday, but there is still time to grab some great gifts for Dad without spending a ton of money.



Mamas on a Dime readers can now get an awesome discount on Bees tickets!
If you don’t want to pay all the fees you can order through the link above and use coupon code TP6922 to see your savings.
You can get Father’s Day tickets including a super yummy meal for $25 or pick any other game with prices starting at just $10. This is the easiest and best way to buy tickets. You won’t pay all the fees, but you will still get great seats.
You can check out the Bees schedule online before you order.


adult coloring book

Get an Adult Men’s Coloring Set for just $38.99 from Amazon!  Plus, you can Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial and still get it in time for Father’s Day!


Kindle Fire
Or, you can snag the Kindle Fire Tablet for only $39.99! Plus, you can Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial and still get it in time for Father’s Day! This deal only lasts through Saturday so make sure to order yours now.

  • Beautiful 7″ IPS display (171 ppi / 1024 x 600) and fast 1.3 GHz quad-core processor. Rear and front-facing cameras. Available in four colors.
  • Amazon Underground, a one-of-a-kind app store experience where over $20,000 in apps, games and even in-app items are actually free – including extra lives, unlocked levels, unlimited add-on packs and more
  • Enjoy millions of movies, TV shows, songs, books, apps and games
  • 8 or 16 GB of internal storage. Free unlimited cloud storage for all Amazon content and photos taken with Fire devices. Add a microSD card for up to 128 GB of additional storage.
  • Updated user interface – Fire OS 5 designed for quick access to your apps and content plus personalized recommendations that make it easy to discover new favorites
  • Up to 7 hours of reading, surfing the web, watching videos, and listening to music
  • Stay connected with fast web browsing, email, and calendar support

Time to Stock up on Easter Candy!

Posted by on Mar 10, 2016

Deals of the Week

Here are my top deals of the week as featured on Good4Utah today. Make sure to tune in next Thursday for the new deals! And check back here every day for all the other great deals you can score.

This is the week to grab that Easter candy for great prices! Get twelve items for under $15 including big bags of jellybeans! To see the full list of match ups check out our Grocery Store Match ups list.

Easter Deals!

Snickers and M&M’s Easter Candy Tubes $1.66
Use $1/2 Mars printable coupon
Stack with 10% Mars Easter Target Cartwheel
Final Price = $1 each

Hershey’s Reese’s Bunnies $3.99
Use $1/2 Hershey’s coupon from 3/6 SS
Stack with 20% Hershey’s Bunnies Target Cartwheel
Final Price = $2.69

Starburst Jellybeans $2.69
Use 50c/2 Starburst Jelly Beans Bags Target Mobile Q (text SAMPLE to 827438)
Stack with  $1/2 Starburst Jellybeans printable coupon
Stack with 20% Starburst Jellybeans Target Cartwheel
Final Price = $1.45 each!


Peeps Marshmallow Bunnies $1.50
Use 10% Off Peeps Marshmallow Bunnies Target Cartwheel
Final Price = $1.35

Butterfinger Peanut butter cup egg 79c
Use 25% Butterfinger Peanut butter egg Target Cartwheel
Final Price = 59¢

Snickers Eggs $1
Use $1/2 Mars printable coupon
Stack with 10% Mars Easter Target Cartwheel
Final Price = 40¢

Plus, you can get those adorable Easter baskets from Thirty-One gifts. I absolutely LOVE mine! If you don’t already have a consultant, then check out Katie Leach. She is amazing!

Great Valentine’s Gift Ideas!

Posted by on Feb 4, 2016

Deals of the Week

Here are my top deals of the week as featured on Good4Utah today. Make sure to tune in next Thursday for the new deals! And check back here every day for all the other great deals you can score.

My absolute favorite gift idea this year is a bouquet from eco flower! Prices start at $34.99 for a full bouquet and they will last forever!


Eco Flower sells unique bouquets that are made out of recycled and sustainable materials, such as book pages, brooches, burlap, music sheets, pallet wood, pine cones, and sola wood. Their bouquets last forever and are individually scented with fragrances such as black raspberry vanilla, Egyptian lavender or Japanese cherry blossom.

Plus, you can use coupon code LOVE20 to save an extra 20%! You really can’t beat these prices.


If you want to get a little more racy with your gift, you can head to Adore Me and get some lingerie for just $24.95! They have sets, baby dolls, corsets, and more. Plus, if you choose to keep getting sets you will always get your 5th one free!

I’ve been pretty impressed with the quality and highly recommend them.

Adore Me valentines

If you are looking for a gift for the whole family then you can snag a Papa Murphy’s Heartbreaker pizza for just $7!

Papa Murphys Pizza

Mixbook Photo Cards & Holiday Gifts + Coupon Code!

Posted by on Nov 18, 2015

mixbook photo cards

I am a planner. I make lists, I find pictures, and I look all over the internet for ideas. I like to have things ready to go well before when they actually need to go. And this year is no different. I’m planning ahead for the Christmas season. I’m making lists of people to buy for, ideas of gifts they would like, and of course I’m choosing Christmas cards! Sending out Christmas cards is still one of my very favorite traditions. I love being able to see a picture or a sweet note from family and friends. I feel like there is so much going on with electronics that these small, paper cards add an extra touch of magic.

I can’t decide which card I should get this year! I did some serious searching online and am in love with so many designs from Minted. The Mixbook Holiday Card selection is so good that I just can’t pick which card to order. So this is what I’m asking: Leave a comment on this post letting me know which card is your favorite.


 Plus, they don’t just offer cards. They have so much more! Two of my favorites are the photo books and the canvas prints. Seriously, the canvas prints are absolutely awesome! The quality is the best I’ve seen and I love that the back comes finished and ready to hang with already mounted hardware. It just looks so much more classy. Plus, you can see from the pic below just how thick and sturdy the canvas is. I am hugely impressed and will definitely be ordering more. These would make great gifts for family members; especially grand parents. Prices start at $49.99.

mixbook canvas

It was lust at first sight when I saw the lay flat photo books. Can you lust after a photo book? Well, I did. They have a bunch of different templates to choose from when making your book. Or, you can just design your own. The one thing I hate about photo books is the time it takes to figure out where to put pictures and which layout to use and all the jive. So I opted for the auto fill option. I chose my style of book (I picked a kids theme since we love having photo books just for each child), uploaded pics, and hit the auto fill button. Done! All of my pictures were added to the book without me doing a thing!


Ready to order your own holiday cards? Use coupon code: GIVETHANKS to get 10 FREE Signature Matte Holiday Cards with your purchase of 10! Or you can use coupon code: MXNCWCC to save 50% off your entire order! Plus, you can get up to 25% cash back when you shop through Top Cash Back. That’s HUGE!

Deals of the Week – Grab Your Halloween Costumes!

Posted by on Oct 22, 2015

Deals of the Week

Here are my top deals of the week as featured on Good4Utah today. Make sure to tune in next Thursday for the new deals! And check back here every day for all the other great deals you can score.

Halloween is coming up fast! Get your costumes ordered from BuyCostumes now. They offer a price match guarantee, already low prices, and you can save an extra 20% off with code oct20bc. And, even better? They have Frozen costumes starting at just $5!!

The BuyCostumes® Top 10 Lists feature the season’s top trending costumes, which include characters from the biggest TV and movie releases this year, for the following categories:

  • Adult Costumes
  • Kids’ Costumes
  • Women’s Costumes
  • Men’s Costumes
  • Tween Costumes
  • Group Costumes
  • Couples Costumes
  • Pet Costumes
  • Yard Decorations
  • Porch Decorations
  • Indoor Decorations

For Halloween, offers customers a Scare Free Guarantee, which includes guaranteed on-time delivery (or the order ships free), zero-hassle returns and exchanges, the best fit with costume-specific size charts and helpful tutorials on how to measure, and a price-match guarantee.

The costumes featured on the show today are below. Prices shown reflect 20% discount.

Batman the Dark Knight $23.99 – perfect for the movies coming out!

Deluxe Hulk $23.99 – Avengers 2

Toddler Bumblebee $11.99 – a classic. Plus, it’s freaking adorable!

Buy costumes coupon code

Watch the TV clip below!

Half Price Costumes at Kid to Kid!

Posted by on Oct 22, 2015

costume sale

I stopped my local Kid to Kid yesterday and they are offering up half off all Halloween costumes through Halloween! I visited the South Jordan Kid to Kid location, but make sure to call or stop by your local store to see if they are offering the same deal.

princess dresses

Even if you don’t need Halloween costumes it’s a great time to buy dress ups. (I mean, look at all those princess, fairy and super hero costumes!) Especially with Christmas coming up! I got my Frozen obsessed daughter an Elsa dress up dress for just $5.50. And I also spotted this adorable cat costume. With the sale you can snag it for only $4! I almost bought this one for my daughter as well. These are crazy good prices people.

kitty costume