See Kai Run: Adorable Shoes for Adorable Feet

Posted by on Mar 25, 2016


I really do need two closets. Well scratch that. I need one really BIG closet that I can fit all my clothes on one side of it and…all my SHOES on the other. SIGH. I love shoes. I love the way they fit, make me feel and look. Heels, flats, but especially being a mom on the go- athletic ones. When I am on the go, my kids are trailing right behind me. So of course it’s important they have stylish shoes of their own…but are being fashion forward while doing so. See Kai Run gave me all that and more…and the mom is from Seattle!! Good things come from Seattle!!

See Kai Run has bright colors and sharp details make this high top stand out. This sneaker features a padded collar and tongue for comfort and support, and a removable insole to keep active feet fresh.

  • Flexible rubber sole is sturdy enough for outdoor play
  • Rubber toe cap increase durability and protection
  • Wide opening and back pull loop make on/off easy
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop closure and faux laces ensure fit
  • Our footwear has been awarded the American Podiatric Medical Associations prestigious Seal of Acceptance.


I was given a pair of See Kai Run for each of my kids feet. So I was able to see both the boys and girls styles. CUTE. CUTE. CUTE!! I absolutely love that I am doing the best for my littles growing feet while all they have to do is look stylin. They are easy for all my “feets” to run around in, jump in, play in and they are really durable. They will definitely hold up to the shenanigans that my kids will put them through. Another plus? I REALLY like See Kai Run and the bright colors they use. I often put my kids in bright colors while were out- just so I can spot them easily if they decide to wander an inch or two away from me. The shoes are a great way to spot them in a crowd! Just look down at the feet!

Yep. I need a BIG closet. I need the room for THEIR shoes as well. And don’t think that See Kai Run only has athletic shoes, go to and see for yourself all they have to offer. You will start to fill not only your “wagon”, but that BIG closet? It will be filled in NO time.

40% off Kids Furniture at Amazon Today!

Posted by on Nov 5, 2015

kids furniture deal

Today (Nov 5) only you can save 40% off kids furniture at Amazon. Prices start at just $7.19 so get shopping!

Mommy Melt Downs: How Do You Muscle Through?

Posted by on Sep 28, 2015


Mommy Melt Downs: they are real. Like really real.

Remember this from last year? Yeah, me too. While my daughter now sleeps for more than 2 hours at a time, she is still my worst sleeper by far.

Yesterday I had a meltdown. A serious mommy melt down. My amazingly beautiful, sweet, miracle of a daughter has decided within the last couple of days that she would prefer not to sleep longer than two hours at a time. And while she is awake she thinks it’s super fun to scream if I’m not holding her. Or not looking at her. Or not feeding her. Or sometimes just because it sounds fun. And it’s not your typical baby scream. It’s this high pitched “you will listen and pay attention to me now” type of scream. Okay, maybe that’s a regular baby scream. But in my sleep deprived state it feels a bit like it’s in the supernaturally high realm of screaming.

So what did I do to try to deal with the screaming? I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Didn’t work. So I closed my eyes again and started to count to ten very S.L.O.W.L.Y. But before I got to 3 my eardrums felt as if they were bleeding. At which point my 7 year old (that’s right, SEVEN) decided to let me know he had done a number two in his underwear. And then took the underwear off, dropped a surprise from said underwear on the bathroom floor, and left both objects there to find later.


I took another deep breath. Still nothin’. So I grabbed my cherub of a daughter and deposited her in her crib and shut the door. I turned the shower on for my 7 year old, then I sat down on the couch and started bawling. I messaged my amazing friend, Hillary (who thankfully had my 5 year old at her house) and told her about the loveliness that was happening over at my house. Thank heavens for good friends!! She repeatedly asked what she could do, sent some Italian Ice over to soothe my bleeding ears, er…my wounded heart, and helped me to calm down just a bit. I also messaged my sister (who is my best friend in the entire world). She promptly called me and told me to take a deep breath (ha!) and to look at the bigger picture. Then she made some reference to me being a horrible mom that was totally ridiculous and made me laugh out loud. I can always count on my sister, Becky to make me laugh.

After a few minutes of crying, chatting, crying some more, and eating (because. duh. eating makes everything better) I scooped up my daughter from her crib, checked on my showering son, and wiped my tears. My daughter had those sad sobs in her throat and her arms clinging to my neck. And all was back to being right in the world. Because nothing can melt my heart faster than my children showing me they need me.

mommy meltdown

Ultimately, there was no magic trick to help me through my meltdown. Good friends were by far the best helper for me. But I did get through it. And remembered just how much I love my children. And, really, how amazing they are. Because they are. And I don’t just say that because I’m their mom. Plus, they are stinkin’ adorable when they are asleep.

So what I really want to know is, how do YOU muscle through when you have reached your limit? Do you have a meltdown or do you have a trick to stop it in it’s tracks?

Maverix USA Remote Controlled Electric Skateboard

Posted by on Sep 2, 2015

MaverixWhen I was given the opportunity to review the Maverix USA Remote Controlled Electric Skateboard I was stoked! Then I realized I don’t know how to skateboard. At all. So what’s a girl to do?

Call up my skateboarding neighbor of course! My super cute 11 year old neighbor loves skateboarding. And he’s really good at it! I’ve been very impressed with the skill I’ve seen from this kid. So instead of giving you my not skateboarding, non athletic in any way review I threw it over to him. Here are his honest thoughts.

I was given a chance to ride this skateboard and this is what my results were. I thought the skateboard was really cool because you don’t have to use your legs and get really tired from riding when you go somewhere with your friends or go get something from the store.

The only thing I didn’t like about the skateboard was that it didn’t go very fast, so you can’t get places fast. I do think the Electric Skateboard company should add is something so that you are able to get more speed, more battery power so you can ride longer without needing to charge it, and the last thing is that they should add lights so that you can ride at night so you can see in front of you so you don’t hit stuff and get hurt when you fall.

I love seeing exactly what he thinks about this thing. While I haven’t ridden the skateboard I CAN tell you what I think as well. It’s heavy. This tells me it’s well built and is going to last. This is not some flimsy skateboard that is going to snap in two the first time you hit something on accident.

Even though my awesome neighbor would like the speed increased I’m perfectly happy with how fast it goes. If it goes much faster it feels like it might not be very safe. Since you are just pushing the trigger in your hand to make it go it would be easy to get going too fast and have a problem stopping. Since this is an intro board, faster is just not a good idea. Ha! All in all I’m pretty impressed. The price tag is a bit high, but I think this is a you get what you pay for type of scenario. I don’t think you will find better quality for the price.

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own.

Kid to Kid Clearance Sale!

Posted by on Jul 22, 2015

kid to kid clearance

Have you been to Kid to Kid? Have you HEARD of Kid to Kid? They buy and sell gently used kids and maternity items. Clothes, toys, bags, that kind of stuff. They are totally my new obsession! I LOVE them! I can bring in all the clothes and toys my kids have outgrown. Then I get store credit (you can opt for cash, but you get 20% more in store credit) for those items and can turn around and buy new to me items at a great discount! It’s a win win.

Plus, through Friday the 24th, they are having their clearance sale. That means if you find five items that are on clearance you will only pay $1 each! And these aren’t no name brands. I got ten items for my daughter including multiple things from Gap and Gymboree. For only $1 each. Seriously. If you have been on the fence about shopping at Kid to Kid now is a great time to try it out.

Find a Kid to Kid location near you now.

kid to kid

FREE Summer Reading Programs

Posted by on Jun 8, 2015

Make sure to keep your kids reading this summer. For some added incentive here is a list of FREE Summer Reading Programs…

Barnes & Noble – This summer reading program through Barnes & Noble gives your child the ability to earn a FREE book after reading 8 books and keeping track of them in a reading log.

Book Adventure – Sylvan offers this FREE reading incentive program. Your child reads books and then takes a simple quiz to make sure they understood what they read. The quiz is usually about 10 questions long. They earn points based on how much they remember from reading the book. There are hundreds of books to choose from in all reading levels. Once they have earned enough points they can trade them in for prizes.

Books-a-Million: Free Camp Half-Blood Tote Bag when you read four books, and turn in your journal to your local store.

Chuck E. Cheese – Earn 10 FREE tokens every time your child reads for 2 weeks in a row. Just fill out the form and bring it in to claim your free tokens. (A food purchase is required.)

Half Price Books – Kids ages 14 and under can earn a $5 Gift Card for reading just 15 minutes each day. Once they reach 300 minutes your child can turn in their completed reading log to get their $5 HPB Back-to-School Bucks.

Scholastic Summer Challenge – Log your reading minutes at the Scholastic site and your child will be able to participate in a World Record challenge as well as earn prizes.

TD Bank Summer Reading Program – Read 10 books and write them down on their Summer Reading Form. When you turn it in your child will get $10 added to their Young Saver Account FREE!

Local Public Library – Don’t forget to check with your local libraries to find out if they’re offering programs this summer.


Salt Lake County Summer Reading: Salt Lake County offers an extensive summer reading program for the entire family. The library system is offering a big summer reading kickoff celebration on Saturday, June 6 in West Jordan. Those who finish the program will receive a free book or a $5 fine waiver.

Salt Lake City Library Summer Reading: Kids can mark down their summer reading with their Summer Reading Tracker, available at all City Library locations and earn fun prizes every month. There are even reading trackers for the tiniest readers! There will also be lots fun events at libraries throughout the city all summer long.

Utah State Fair Read and Win: Children ages 6-12 who read 10 books and fill out & mail the reading record form (print it from their site) can get a FREE ticket to the Utah State Fair in September and a voucher for one free carnival ride and a small lemonade.

Governor’s Reading Challenge: When children read and track their reading throughout the summer with the printable Family Progress Card and send it in they’ll receive a certificate from the Governor. The online link will be available August 1, 2015.

Dream Big: Read/Provo: Provo City Library has a summer reading program with prizes, events and an end-of-summer party.

Some of these programs are limited to certain regions so you’ll want to check for locations in your area and verify that they are participating. Let us know if you know of any others that we don’t have listed here.

Sometimes…There is Pee

Posted by on May 14, 2015

Parents around the world do it every single day. Drop their precious cargo off at school and wait to pick them up in the afternoon. And when parents drop kids off, we do so thinking nothing will happen from the time being dropped off till pick up. Sure. All parents HOPE to never get a call from the school while their kids are there. And if the unfortunate event comes up when you do? You pay attention.  So when my stereotypical Monday started at work, it certainly did not disappoint and ended up anything but typical. When I got that dreaded call from the school, I just happened to be in a meeting, so when I got back to my desk, I could immediately tell that something was amok. My husband, Artyom, had called my cell phone a number of times, a text was also visible. My work phone was blinking, letting me know I also had a message. Taking a very quick inventory check, I went for the quickest response first and checked my cell for the text which read-

Sofia peed her pants. They need a new set of clothes for her.
Well. OK. That type of message I could actually handle on this Monday mid afternoon. Once I resolved that the phone call from the school was letting me know “said incident” did not involve the loss of limbs, I THEN went back and dialed up my voice mail to listen to the phone message. I felt so bad and was extremely curious as to know what had happened.
 After I organized myself and completed my “phone tree” of calls,  trying to find out who would get to my poor girl the quickest, I got a hold of  my bestie Jacki who was home, willing, and also able to pick her up ASAP. I mean come on…no one wants to sit in wet pants for long…It was either find someone to pick her up, bring her clothes, or else… she would have to degrade herself to the lost and found dumpster dive.  All to look for clothes that would be either 3 sizes too big or MUCH to small to wear till the end of the day. I will be honest. I considered it for half a second and then decided that was too traumatic for my sweet Maka.
Sofia was picked up from school, taken to Jacki’s where I called to check in. I wanted to see if she was OK or scarred for life (as I would have been at her age…). I got her on the phone and she “whispered” to me the events that had transpired earlier that day. Sofia went on to explain that she and her friends, her BFF Dayana and Natalia, were on a merry go round, twister type thing at recess. There they all were, just she and her friends, laughing and having the BEST time. Well Sofia was laughing so hard that she could not stop laughing and before she knew it she accidentally peed her pants.
Well. Here is my bad mom moment of the day, cause I completely ERUPTED in laughter and I am darn lucky that she started laughing hysterically too. THAT could have had an entirely different outcome.
Then in her ultimate six year old wisdom and knowledge, she said “MOM! Don’t laugh. I know it happens all the time.”
That got me going all over again and she and I just laughed on the phone together for a few minutes…Best.Moment.Ever.
Lesson learned from my beautiful 6 year old daughter that day? Don’t sweat the small stuff. Laugh till you cry…or pee your pants. Cause after all…it happens all the time…

My Kids… And Probably Yours Too!

Posted by on May 12, 2015
My Kids
They know me in a way no one ever has.
They open me to things I never knew existed.
They drive me to insanity and push me to my depths.
They are the best of my heart. The pulse of my veins. And the energy in my soul.
They are my kids.
I cannot even begin to imagine my life without these three absolutely amazing children.

What’s in a name

Posted by on May 8, 2015

This week we were able to attend a wedding of one of my cousins. It was a wonderful time, filled with family, fun and of course lots of family pictures. The photographer was taking the lead and ordering the different groups of family members to congregate. At one point, she asked for all the nieces and nephews of the groom to come into the photo. Immediately, my 8 year old, Sofia went up to the front to be a part of the group. And why wouldn’t she? This was her “Cuncle” (her Cousin-Uncle and a name my cousins have always had).  Sofia could not quite understand why she was not part of this niece and nephew group. At this particular moment, I was obliged to hold her back and could tell by the look in her eyes, this was a conversation that was going to be a tough one for this Mama to explain…


For as long as I can remember, our girls have known about my Mom, their Grandma who they may not be able to hug or talk to, but know who she is and how much she loves them. You see, my beautiful Mom passed away 14 years ago from complications with Multiple Sclerosis. Long before I was married, long before Sofia and Ella joined our family.

Linda Pederson

And… as long as I can remember, we have had what we call in our family “our people.” People in our life that our girls see as Grandma figures whose faces have names like Nana, Grandma Linda, and many friend Grandma’s including Friend Grandma Debbie, Friend Grandma Linda, the list goes on and on. Wonderful women in our lives who know they could never replace my own mother in my life or my daughters’, but they can certainly love my family, including my girls as if they were their own.

The wedding we attended was the son of one of “our people”. My cousin. My Aunt’s son. The Son of my girl’s Nana. So when I held Sofia back from being in the next picture, we were able to have a little talk about “our people” and her Grandma, my Mom. I let her know what a unique little girl she was. Explaining the many Grandma’s in our life is a gift that Grandma gave to our family to make sure she and her sister would always be loved and looked after. I let her know just how lucky she is that SO many people love her. If Grandma, my mother, could not be here with them to love and hug them, then she made absolutely sure that others would be in our lives to do it for her. They may not be our relatives through blood but they are “our people” through LOVE. And they always will be.


After a few tears were shed by the both of us, Sofia was back to her happy self.  We met each others eyes throughout the day and the smiles we exchanged reiterated to me that yes. Sofia knows how much she is loved and that is what is most important.

This year- the best thing I can do to remember my Mother, doing more than just tell her legacy, but to SHOW her granddaughters’  just how much I love her, to celebrate “Mom” is by celebrating all of “our people”.  So this year? I know I’ll be lingering in the card aisle much longer than usual looking for Mother’s Day cards. We have a lot of people to celebrate…regardless of what name we have given them.

Giveaway: Win a Doc McStuffins All Better Game

Posted by on Dec 19, 2013


About the Doc McStuffins All Better Game:

Make the boo-boos go away like Doc McStuffins with the Disney Doc McStuffins All Better Role Play Game! Each slap bracelet bandage is a different mystery ouchie. Take turns trying to figure out which doctor tool will make things all better! It’s a fun game of pretending and playful problem solving that kids love!

  • Designed for 2 or more players
  • Encourages creative thinking and imagination
  • Enhances matching and memory skills
  • Develops physical dexterity and problem solving skills
  • Includes 1 storage bag, 6 slap bracelet bandages, 6 foam tools, 8 scoring tiles, 1 spinner and 1 rules manual


My girls, ages 4 & 6, adore this game! It’s a bit of twist on the classic memory game. Instead of just flipping tiles, players spin the spinner and take turns placing bandages (slap bracelets! My girls loved this detail!) on each other. Each bandage has a tool pictured on the bottom. When you spin a tool on the spinner you get to pick a tool and try to remember who has the matching bracelet so you can “fix” their boo-boo and collect a tile if they match. Whoever has the most tiles at the end wins.

I found the game timing to be almost perfect. I played with them the first time to help them understand the game. And then they played alone a couple more times immediately afterwards. The game is not so long that it seems to take forever or they get bored. But it’s also long enough to keep them busy and engaged (so I could make dinner!). The pieces all fit nicely in the doctor’s bag that’s included making storage easy.

My girls loved it! This would be a very fun gift to find under the tree on Christmas morning.

Buy It:

Doc McStuffins All Better Game can be found at most major retailers, including Walmart, Target, and Amazon, among others. It’s retails for around $24.99. Watch for sales and/or coupons!

doc mcstuffins game

Win It:

One Mamas on a Dime reader will win a Doc McStuffins All Better Game!

Just leave any comment on this post for a freebie entry and then leave your name and email address in the giveaway form below. If you’re reading this in our daily email or a feed reader, then click on the title of the post to be taken to the blog so you can enter to win.

You can also get up to 15 bonus entries!

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