Rolling in the 2017 Volkswagen Passat

Posted by on Jan 3, 2017

Six weeks ago I picked up this awesome 2016 VW Passat so I could drive it around town courtesy of VW of Orem. And I have to say It. Was. Awesome! there are so many amazing features. My absolute favorite (which I’ve told you before) is the backup camera. Because if I’m honest, I’ve backed into a parked car before. Well, twice. I know. I know. But that is part of why the backup camera is just so freaking amazing for me.

But what other cool features are there? Let me break it down.

  1. Sun roof
  2. Blue tooth link up (my kids loved listening to What Does the Fox Say from my phone over and over again)
  3. Heated seats (In freezing temps this is a must!)
  4. Open the trunk with the touch of a button
  5. Great storage
  6. And tons more!

We took this little baby on a road trip to Heber where we visited the yummy Heber Valley Cheese. The Passat did fantastic! I couldn’t have asked for better.

This is us saying goodbye to this beautiful car.

Mostly, I just used the Passat for all of my regular activities. I drove my kids to and from school. I went grocery shopping and to doctor appointments. Plus, we’ve been in the process of moving. So hauling a bunch of boxes and other stuff was required. I was worried the Passat wouldn’t be up to par in this area, but it did so great! The VW Passat has definitely been added to the top of my vehicle wish list. And I had such a great experience with the staff at VW of Orem that I know just where to go when I’m ready to buy.

Pick up the Phone & Breathe Easy – All Clean has Got You Covered

Posted by on Dec 23, 2016

It was a VERY merry Christmas for my family as we moved into a new home. It was an upgrade and we could not be happier. With a new home comes the fun of decorating, making it “yours” with your style, a fresh start…but first. A new home comes with the need to CLEAN. I did a lot of cleaning. Including the Air ducts. It is something that I have not done as often as I should, but ALWAYS feel better when I do. And you really only need to get it done every few years (Every 2-5 years is recommended). BONUS! They even offer an air filter with a LIFETIME WARRANTY for around $70. That’s around the cost of 6 months of filters!

Professional duct cleaning uses specialized blowers, vacuums (pictured above), and brushes to clean out the supply, intake and return ducts throughout your home. This is the air that my littles are breathing- I want to be sure it’s not polluted with dust, etc. And if you have pets, kids with asthma or have done any home renovation or remodeling projects (BINGO!) you need to have someone come in and clean those ducts! You need to call All Clean.

Some tips & facts from THIS Mama and All Clean about getting your air ducts and vents cleaned.

  • Get your ducts cleaned every 2-5 years.
  • Invest in a good air filter. I’m dorkily excited about my new lifetime warranty filter. I just need to spray it off each month.
  • Research the company! Some companies will do a bait & switch. You will pay WAY more than you originally thought and not get as good of a job done.
  • There are lots of add ons – Decide what is worth it to you. I paid extra for disinfectant in each vent and the lifetime warranty air filter. The others sounded good, but just weren’t for me this time around. (Some others offered: Air conditioner coils cleaned, UV light inserted to clean air in vents, dryer vent cleaning.)

All Clean was fantastic. They are very professional and even did not mind my kids, okay me.. asking a hundred questions about what they were doing during the process and why it was necessary. It not only gave me peace of mind moving in with my air ducts clean, but I am now able to wait another few years before calling on them again. But you shouldn’t wait. You should give them a call. Cause let’s be honest, how many of you remember the last time your air ducts were professionally cleaned…have they ever? Pick up that phone and breathe easy! All Clean has got you covered.

The VW Passat – Get Out and Drive!

Posted by on Dec 23, 2016

Most of you will know the song, “Life is a highway, I wanna ride it all night long”. Come on now, sing it with me. Yep. I can SEE your head nodding right now. I love that song. Mostly because I LOVE to drive. I may or may not have been told I have somewhat of a lead foot, but only when appropriate…PROMISE! This experience of being able to test out the VW Passat makes that song come to mind each time I slide into my (with these temps in the 20’s) much needed heated driver’s seat. I literally find myself making excuses JUST to go out and drive that baby!

I have a confession to make here, I am a TRUE fan of VW. I LOVE VW bugs, and all the models in the VW family. So I was STOKED to get the chance to take on the VW Passat and take it for a test run. Gotta say it. I get it. I get why people LOVE their VW Passat. I get why people feel like a million bucks when they drive it. I get why people own them.

Since it’s the holidays, this week we have decided to hit as many Christmas drive through light displays as humanly possible. Cause, really? Why not?! I got a sweet car! Such a smooth ride, such a sweet looking car, its roomy like my SUV (which I typically drive) but sleek and does NOT make me feel like a frumpy jalopy driving mom. I have gone through so many drive thru Christmas light displays and have been comfortable, and safe during each one. Knowing I have a quality car, makes all the difference.

Look at the VW Passat. Isn’t he pretty? Oh. Did I say he? YES. YES I DID. When you truly LOVE a car, you NAME your car. This is Taye. I love the way I look in this car (i.e. Taye)! Ok. I know it might only be the car, but I could have sworn I got a head nod from another VW driver the other day…just saying.

I may not always take the Passat out on a freeway, but each time I get in I know I will have an adventure…or two. Whether it’s that head nod from a fellow VW driver ( I swear it happened!) or just feeling good knowing I’m in a safe automobile as I drive through Christmas light displays, I Do want to drive it (him. Taye) as much as I can!

Three’s Company? Nah, Not With the VW Passat

Posted by on Dec 16, 2016

I am an SUV driving mama. I have three kids (two of which are still in car seats) and I like the room an SUV gives me. So I was a little unsure how much the VW Passat was going to do in this category. But oh boy does it rock! All three of my kiddos, and their car seats, fit wonderfully in the back of this little baby. They have tons of leg room and just as much space as in my SUV. Plus, the trunk? You could literally fit a dead body in there. Not that I have any idea what that would consist of, but you get the idea.

As you can see from the pic above, my kids aren’t complaining either. (This was at school pickup by the way. No vehicles were moving during this picture.)

When I picked this baby up, the manager said “You’re going to love it so much you will buy it.” I laughed. I mean, we just bought a new house. But as the weeks go on, I’m starting to wonder if he might be right. Is this the car for me? Does my cute little family need a new ride with ample leg room, a sun roof, a ginormous trunk, heated seats, and more? Maybe. The answer is maybe. Because, no three is not too much for this little baby. I have no doubt my kids will still have plenty of room as the years go by and they get bigger.

I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated on this awesome car experience. So far my only complaint? Not enough cup holders. First world problems, eh?

National Geographic Kids books of Heroes and Heroines

Posted by on Dec 7, 2016

A few months back we had one of my favorite holidays. HALLOWEEN! I always love to dress up with my kids as we do a “family theme” but I typically will do an easier costume for work. This year, has been quite a doozy for me and I needed to feel my inner heroine. I decided to go with Rosie the Riveter. What an amazing symbol for my girls to learn about. It was a great way to tell them about history and what women can accomplish when they have a common goal. It was fun to check out some articles online and read about her.  I was emulating her for Halloween- I wanted to get her story right!

You can imagine how excited I was when I read about the National Geographic Kids books of Heroes and Heroines and saw ROSIE on the cover! My kids are already fans of National Geographic Kids books, so when I saw these, well. Let’s just say it didn’t take any super human strength on my part to grab them up!

The Book of Heroes is available for purchase for $11.25 from Amazon.

The Book of Heroines is available for purchase for $11.06 from Amazon.

Both The Book of Heroes and The Book of Heroines retail for $14.99 each and are great gift books for children ages 8-12.

National Geographic Books of Heroes/Heroines

  • Discover the true stories of superstars, war heroes, world leaders, peacemakers, and other gutsy gals who changed the world in The Book of Heroines. The Book of Heroines highlights heroes such as Mother Teresa, Marie Curie, Misty Copeland, Tina Fey, and Emma Watson.
  • Discover the true stories of superheroes, rebels, world leaders, action heroes, sports legends, and many more daring dudes in The Book of Heroes.
  • The Book of Heroes highlights heroes like Galileo, Sitting Bull, Michael Jordan, and Stephen Hawking.
  • Although the word “hero” has many meanings and many people can be called heroes in real life or fiction, in these books, heroes tend to share seven stupendous qualities:
  • Heroes are courageous
  • Heroes do the right thing
  • Heroes have compassion
  • Heroes are competent
  • Heroes are inspiring
  • Heroes never quit
  • Heroes leap to action

My kids definitely love to read, and these were immediately devoured. I watched as they read and saw how their faces would show different emotions, awe, amazement, empowerment. I could FEEL them thinking they too could be a heroine. And they can! What better way to teach them this valuable lesson than from actual people they can relate to! I now get a history lesson each time they pick up the book and read to me about a hero or heroine they have come to love. My absolute favorite thing about National Geographic Kids is the way they can keep my kids entertained and educated with each story. And they are not only heroes and heroines of old, my girls recognized some of their favorite actors and were thrilled to learn more about them.

Every kid needs a hero/heroine (aside from their mom and dad of course!). Why not let them read about some of the many in the world- and gain the attributes that will make them a hero/heroine too!


The Volkswagen Passat is AWESOME!

Posted by on Dec 2, 2016


Thanks to Ken Garff VW I get to drive this little baby for six weeks. And it is seriously awesome! So far, my favorite feature is the back up camera. But there are so many cool features it’s hard to choose!

Some of my other favorite features:

  • The sun roof
  • Heated seats
  • Huge trunk space!
  • Large back seat
  • Bluetooth connectivity

Stay tuned for more on just how awesome this car is. And be sure to check out Ken Garff Volkswagen on Facebook. They were amazing to work with and were super helpful in showing me all the features for the car and helping us to get out and driving as quickly as possible.


Nutri Ninja With Auto IQ: Break Up With Your Old Blender

Posted by on Nov 23, 2016

nutri ninja

My oldest daughter recently has discovered her love of running. So naturally we enrolled her in a girls running club that meets after school- and she LOVES it. She has really latched on to not only exercise, but eating healthy as well. So when I decided to see what the Nutri Ninja Auto iQ Compact System was all about…I dreamed of veggie and fruit smoothies with her health in mind. I was in for a surprise. This machine can do SO much more than just smoothies!

  • Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Compact System now includes Smooth Boost Technology, allowing you to truly customize your drink-making experience.
  • Nutrient & Vitamin Extraction combined with Pro Extractor Blades breaks down whole fruits and veggies for refreshing, full-bodied nutrient juices.
  • High-Performance Blending combined with the blender’s high-performance blades powers through frozen ingredients and ice for cool smoothies and shakes.
  • 40 oz. Blend & Prep Bowl for added versatility and functionality
  • Double-walled stainless steel cup keeps your favorite frozen smoothies colder for up to 4 hours.

I basically had “the appliance break up talk” with my old blender after trying this one. I would attempt to make smoothies, and would get the chunks of ice in it. I could NEVER get it smooth, and would usually be seeing smoke coming out of my blender trying to run it too long to get said chunks out… With the Nutri Ninja Auto iQ Compact System I push a button, wait less than a minute and get a NO chunk smoothie. One of my favorite features is the Stainless steel cup- my daughter is literally RUNNING from one place to the next and its all I can do to hand her the cup. She will take that and go and can have a nutritious meal to help keep her energized.

I also decided to try out the versatility of my Nutri Ninja and see if it would chop up some nuts and such for my breading in different meals. Worked like a CHARM! It took literally a few seconds and I was not stuck with a knife and trying to chop like a ninja…MY Nutri Ninja did it for me!

When you invest the money in something you want it to be the best. The Nutri Ninja was that for me. Plus, it’s on sale at Amazon right now. It’s marked down from $189.99 to just $148.99! Don’t go cheap and be satisfied with chunks of ice in your mix. Go Nutri Ninja for the smooth of it!

I was given products to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.



Sonicblend Antimicrobial Sonic Makeup Brush

Posted by on Jul 31, 2016


About sonicBLEND:

sonicBLEND is the first of its kind makeup brush that applies makeup at sonic speeds up to 200 times per second and has built in protection against microbial contamination so the brush stays cleaner, fresher longer.

Intended for comfort and control the ergonomically designed sonicBLEND uses gentle sonic movements to easily sweep on foundation without leaving lines or streaks.

Ideal for applying foundation, blush, contour, highlight, setting powder and bronzer. Effortlessly blends your favorite liquid or powder makeup in extra fine layers for natural looking airbrushed-like results every time.

Creates better coverage too so you use less makeup. And, sonicBLEND can help improve the overall health and condition of your skin by minimizing clogged pores as well as irritation from rubbing and stretching the skin which can occur with traditional makeup application.



I don’t know about you, but as I get older I am getting busier and busier. My days are filled with backpacks, soccer practice, PTA meetings, and homework. Not a whole lot of me time. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to look my best. It just means I need to find some shortcuts to get the look I want with the time I actually have. Enter the sonicBLEND makeup brush.

This little beauty tool is simply amazing! It applies and blends your makeup perfectly. And not just your foundation. This baby works on all of your makeup. You can use this one for everything! Okay, maybe not every single brush. But most of them. That means instead of having a billion brushes you can just have one. Score!

Plus, it’s fast. It’s electric. That’s right, an electric beauty brush. It comes with a USB charger and an antimicrobial brush head. That means you won’t have to worry about germs with your brush or replacing the batteries. I mean, anything that can be charged without having batteries is a win in my book. But really, not worrying about germs is HUGE people.

I’ve had so many complements on my makeup since using this brush. It looks like it’s been professionally done. I am beyond pleased. I would absolutely recommend you check it out!


Buy It:

Get your own sonicBLEND by Michael Todd Beauty for $99.99. You can choose from black, pink, or tortoise shell.


This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Terra by Battat: Let Your Imagination Run Wild!

Posted by on Jul 21, 2016


My kids love to tell me that they are “city kids”.  The fact that they live in suburbia and not some ginormous metropolis does not seem to matter to them one bit. Our city in which we live is most definitely “the big city” they tell me. Of course the only comparison they use is the “country” when we visit grandparents and they visit where mom grew up. Now THAT they tell me…is the country. And you know what? I loved it!

I may not have lived on a farm myself, but there were many cattle ranchers and farms surrounding the beautiful countryside where I grew up. Barns were filled with horses, sheep, and cows. Now I have to actually TAKE my kids to a farm to see farm animals up close. Thank goodness for Terra by Battat!


Terra by Battat collectibles feature exquisite detail and captivating design. Hand painted original characters are available in all your favorite categories: horses, sea life, farm animals, wild animals, goblins, dragons, and warriors with legends to share. We also feature detailed dinosaur models from the Dan LoRusso Collection™


These toys are collectibles! They are nicely made and you can tell that each are hand painted and original. I love that they come in so many different varieties. If your little is more interested in the sea? Dinosaurs? Warriors? Terra by Battat has em! I was quite impressed with the Terra Wooden Horse Barn, as it reminded me exactly of the barns that surround my childhood home. I was even MORE impressed when my little fell in love and told me she no longer wanted to be princess when she grows up…but a farm girl. That is, until next week.


The quality of these collectibles is very sturdy. They are not cheap looking or cheaply made. Terra by Battat are meant to last. And last they will! Even my boys, you know, the “city kids” got into living the country life and playing with their sister as she farmed and fed the animals. It’s a great way to start with your littles as they learn animals, animal sounds and even spelling! Take a trip to the country by picking up some Terra by Battat for your little. It won’t be a baaaad decision I guarantee it!


Miles From Tomorrowland Blasts Off!

Posted by on Jun 28, 2016


One of the favorite pastimes of my kids is to mimic their favorite character on TV and play as that person. I have seen my girls play so many people, especially their favorite Disney Characters. Whether it be Sofia the First, Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates, The “fifth member” of Little Einstein’s or Babar, they always have fun. Needless to say, when Miles from Tomorrowland came out, they immediately wanted to be space explorers. And now that the new Season 2 has started? Well. We are now all living in Space!

Disney Junior’s “Miles from Tomorrowland” blasted off with Season 2 on June 16th with a new and exciting theme…GALACTECH!  Galactech gives the Callisto family the ability to instantly upgrade spacesuits, gadgets, and vehicles to take on new and exciting adventures.

TOMY brings storytelling and space adventure to life with its innovative toy line that captures the sense of wonder and exploration from the Disney Junior TV series “Miles from Tomorrowland.”  The product line encourages STEAM learning, and features evergreen play patterns that kids can use to recreate adventures from the TV episodes or to discover new stories for Miles and his family and friends.

Photon Flyer

When we had the opportunity to see the new figures in honor of the premiere of Season 2 Miles from Tomorrowland, well. My kids thought it was yep, ready for it? Out of this world! Cool vehicles that are new for spring look extra space like, Gadfly’s Scourge and the Photon Flyer, my kids were starry eyed as they played with the figures and toys. I literally could have watched a rather unique episode of the show as it came to life in my living room!

If you ever had a make your own adventure book as a kid, well playing with these out of this world toys gives my kids a new adventure every time they play! I of course take the opportunity to teach, er play with them and invite them to find existing planets and star constellations….I would not be surprised if my kid’s next stuffed animal is names Saturn…MOM WIN!

Toys can be fun and a great way to learn while doing so. Check out Disney Junior’s Miles from Tomorrowland and see if you have a space traveler in your midst too!